Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


My guest today is a very dear man, Cyrus Keith, and it is with pride and tremendous appreciation and love that I turn my blogspot over to Cyrus.

Welcome My Muse Brother.

If it's okay, I'd like to not promote my work. Of course, I'd like you to buy my books, and I'm even giving away a copy of

Unalive, my latest novel from MuseItUp Publishing. But let's pretend for a moment that I'm not just here to sell books. I feel like one of those used-car schmucks who corners you in the parking lot and waves a pen under your nose while he keeps harping about signing over your dog for "this little beauty in the corner." So I won't sit here and tell you why you should buy my book.
What I really want is for you to read the story. I want you to think about the concept of identity and what makes a person who (or what) he or she is. Does humanity qualify someone as a person? What would the legal definition be? If a person is made by man and not by God, does that person have a soul? What moral compass would such a person have? What awareness of right and wrong?
I'd also like you to read it and think about how many people around you just wander through life. They get up, go to work, come home, go to bed, and the next day they do it all over again. They can't see the magic of a
sunrise, the beauty of dew on a spider's web. They never hear the music of a city at night, or feel the magic moment that passes over the world at the precise moment the sun goes down, that infinitely deep hush that opens the door to another world, just for a split second before dark sets in.
We get moments every day that, were we to stop and soak them in, would take our breath away. We complain about the cold in the winter, and six months later we complain about the heat. The glare of the sunlight makes us blind, or the dark of the night limits our vision. But can we see
a million diamonds on the ground as the snow crunches beneath our feet? What about the majesty of a thunderstorm? Or even yet, when the three-year-old wants you to read Timothy Mouse Goes to Sea one more time, do you say, "Okay, just a minute," and keep watching television instead?
The point I'm trying to make is that so many people, myself often included, take most of our lives for granted, often not even taking the time to appreciate the moments that slide by, aching to take our breath away. It's easy to appreciate that first plunge on the new roller coaster. We sat rapt in front of our television watching Neal Armstrong take one giant leap for Mankind. I missed my oldest son's first public performance in an elementary school variety show. I did learn in time to catch each golden moment that my baby daughter fell asleep on my chest. Every night I tell my kids I love them. Every morning I kiss my wife goodbye and tell her the same thing. I savor her lips long after I've pulled out of the driveway.
Our lives are filled with golden moments. It's up to us to make each one count, even if it's only to pause long enough to take a deep breath and greet it as it flies by, on its way to our past. Because once it's there, we can't dig it out and live it again. It's only a memory, and memories just aren’t the same.

UNALIVE by Cyrus Keith is available from Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. Click HERE for the direct link to it's Muse Bookstore page.
And thank you for sharing your beautiful words with us here on my blog, Cyrus...before I end this, Kat and Chris, Mom loves you both. Lea, Litsa, Karen, Dee, Tir, Cyrus, Gail, Nancy, Chris, Tanja, Ginger, Penny, and all my Muse Family, I love you too.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Before I get into the succulent

meat of this posting,

the names and

conflicts facing the Incredibly ingenious


Kat Holmes created for them, I have decided to give in to the

pressure everyone has sent my way concerning

the creation of my OWN

Muse Goddess Image.

I think it is a bit vain for me to do this, and I probably have a lot of

hubris, but the urgings of my brother and sister

Musers has finally

sunk in.

So I give you Lin Holmes, AKA L.J. Holmes, and MY Goddess Designation...From today onward I am

Muse's Goddess of Dreams Still Coming.

Back to work:

Book One in the Gods At Work (GAW) series is

WORKING UNDER COVERS and was released from the Muse It Hot side of Muse It Up Publishing, Inc.and is about

Aphrodite...CAN a goddess and a mortal overcome their differences in time to save three (3) women, and before more disappear?

Book Two is

HEART OF THE QUEEN and is due to be released next month, September 2011 in time to make the autumn colors blaze all the hotter and is about

Hera, Queen of ALL the Gods...How can a woman who's endured eons of Zeus' affairs and slander ever trust a man again, let alone two (2)?

Book Three is IN DEATH'S ARMS, and will be released in January 2012, just in time to make the new year worthy of a celestial celebration, and is about

Hades...When Hades meets a woman already burned by one god, can he convince her to try again?

Book Four is CRIMSON WATERS, and will be released in April 2012 and no this is no April Fool's is the story of

Poseidon...Will the God of the Sea be able to save the woman he loves before the terror stalking her every move destroys her?

Book Five is DANCES AT DAWN, and will be released in August 2012...a year away...and is the story of

Apollo...When disaster strikes the woman he loves will Apollo convince the Fates to step in and save her, and at what cost to his own immortality?

Book Six is UNDER THE HUNTRESS MOON, will be releasing in January 2013 and is the story of

Artemis...Can a jaded goddess break through the pain of a lonely child and his grieving father in time to save them all?

More of the Greek gods are swirling inside

Kat's head demanding their stories be told. This

series promises to keep you

engrossed for

many, many years to come and keep you

enthralled and

excited all at the same time.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


I have seriously

considered not doing any reviews for my daughter Muse Publishing, Inc.'s very own Goddess of all things "Kitty-Kat-like"

Author Kat Holmes' books, since it may be construed I am a bit partial, but then I thought...what if I register MY review but include the reviews of others...

good or bad and just mass post them...wouldn't that prove perhaps not impartiality, but integrity?

So here I am about to review


One in Kat's Gods at Work Series WORKING UNDER COVERS from my perspective and others....many others.

As the first book in a series about the Olympian Gods finding themselves suffering from a

financial crisis because, (poor as church mice)

mankind can hardly leave the gods offerings when they can scarcely put food on their own tables Kat has placed

a unique spin on the ancient, now

MODERN Greeks.. Plus, let's face it, the gods of old just don't have the same power

to intimidate they used to have.

But up there in Olympus,

Zeus is not at all willing to give up HIS good life, and let's face it the god did

sleep around a lot and well god it over his relations. Liking his luxury but not wanting to get his own butt put forth as in risk doing the

work himself, he commands his

pantheon to sally forth onto earth and earn the

coin needed to keep Olympus and well

Zeus in the style he refuses to become unaccustomed to.

Before I begin this review I must admit that again I AM Kat's

MOM! This series was originally penned for a publisher that requires only ONE level of sexual heat...

scorch your eyebrows off as you read it level of heat.

Under normal

circumstances, Mom's are not supposed to be privvy to the explicit thoughts of their offspring, but since Kat and I are each other's

main critics, I've learned to don my

asbestoes undies before touching her stuff.

Aphrodite has come to earth. A look around tells her she, the Goddess of Love, would be perfect running her own

Computer Dating service. No one could be better at matching people than her, right? It's in her


As Kat's mom, I can attest to the effectiveness of her

writing skills...if she werent' so darned talented, I would not spend


percent of the time I am reading her stuff blushing, and wishing for

a cave to hide away in.

So to be totally fair I don't have a choice but to give her debut Gods At Work book, WORKING UNDER COVERS at LEAST

five stars. What worries me, now that I have decided to review her stories, especially THIS series, is the next one...Anybody got 

a pair of blinders I can borrow or

an island I can move to until it is time to review book


The next review of Kat's WORKING UNDER COVERS title comes from...

But before I continue, I took a stroll over to the BUY page for this book at Muse Publishing's Bookstore, and there is

a disclaimer that I think I should in all fairness to one and all, post here...ergo, here's the bare skinny on this book:

Back to the next review, it comes all the way from


The Maltese Falconess Speaks...

Tanja Cilia

has been an active member of the media for a LOONNNGGGG time. Now she's also an editor...and here's what she had to report after reading Kat's book:

Cereal; echo; hygiene; jovial; museum; nemesis; volcano…; and more. All these words that have come down to us from the gods of Greek mythology.  According to some, they still walk among us, albeit in disguise.  And no one knows this better than Kat Holmes, who has gone Under Cover to investigate what these gods and goddesses get up to when they are not at home – or rather, when they are.  It is a well-known fact that fools will rush in where angels fear to tread; and for three young ladies, joining a dating service meant just that -  they went missing in “action”.  Definitely not because they eloped with a sugar daddy. And this, for an agency that boasts a 100% success rate because it’s the owner’s personal touch and not a computer programme that does the matching, is unacceptable. So Jordan Cade, in between other activities, attempts to unravel the lies, damn lies, and statistics, aided and hindered by the charms of Ariel Schell who is also Aphrodite in ‘real’ life. Five scintillating stars for Kat Holmes.

Seems I'm not the only one who requires

flame retardant

goggles around my daughter's

spicy imagination.

Chicago's Rochelle Weber doesn't like

erotica, and trust me, The Gods at Work series, is pure




Rochelle is an editor, reviewer, self pubbed and e-pubbed contracted author, as well as creator

of an e-zine for

MFRW. Despite her lack of affection for the genré erotica, she still wrote a review for this first book in the Gods At Work Series.
What did she say?

This is a difficult review to write because Kat Holmes is a good friend of mine.  If you like

erotica, you will probably greatly enjoy this book.  If you like

erotica and lots of

hot sex, this is the story for you.  I'm afraid it wasn't
my cup of tea.

Rochelle, I
thank you for your honesty in saying what you think. We know how troublesome this review had to be for you, since reviewing a
friend to begin with is not easy, especially in a genrĂ© that makes you uncomfortable. Let me assure you, as her Mom, what Kat writes is frequently UNCOMFORTABLE for me too.

This had to be very...
stressful for you. I regret you placed yourself through that, but again, thank you for

honoring your truth in giving Kat


She has two names and a thousand stories...oh and a review too. Her names are Larion and Larriane Wills
Working Under Covers
A Short Story by Kat Holmes
Gods at Work Series: Book One
What’s the world coming to when gods have to go to work? When people stop worshipping and leaving tributes how else are they to live? Aphrodite, the goddess of love, started an online dating service. What could be more appropriate? And who better to tell the story than Kat Holmes? Be prepared though. On one of the introduction pages there’s a warning telling you this story contains graphic sexual content. You better believe it. Hot. When you’ve got a love goddess, what do you expect? Just look at all the centuries she’s had to practice. What you wouldn’t expect, or her, was for a mortal to rock her world as no other, immortal or human. But can they have a smooth ride when her dating agency is suspect in the disappearance of three young women and he’s sent in undercover to investigate? Will Aphrodite and Jordan find the real culprit? Since I don’t write spoilers, you’ll have to read and see, maybe giggle a little, but don’t forget that warning, hot!
Panting is allowed.
Larriane AKA Larion Wills,  two names one author, thousands of stories
buy links:  with nine to choose from
Our Next review comes from up north...

Alberta, Canada.  Her name is Nancy Bell and she is both an editor AND a writer.What does she have to say?

Review by Nancy M Bell
Working Under Cover
By Kat Holmes

If you’re looking for a smoking hot read pick up this little gem by Kat Holmes. The author puts an interesting twist on the legendary Greek gods and goddesses. Supposing a goddess, say Aphrodite, had to go to work for a living because tributes from the mortals are slim to none.  What would happen if Aphrodite, using an assumed name of course, met and fell in love with a mere mortal? The sex scenes are on fire and so is this whimsical murder mystery short story from Kat Holmes. 
Be sure to add this book to your late summer or fall reading list. You won’t need the fireplace to keep you warm.

4 and 1/2 stars.

Not Bad at all.
But tomorrow is another day and who knows what new words of interpretation will come from those who've read

Working Under Covers and might be eagerly anticipating September and book two,
Heart Of The Queen in this creative and for this Mom, heart palpitating series.

To one and all....

...for making this posting less daunting. With your words to aid me it created itself.

Did I or did I NOT promise more to come. I am so psychic...


This review takes us down to the heart of the

American South with

Gail Branan a brilliant author AND a woman who has spent most of her life around the legal system as an honored


So what does Ms. Branan from the land of

peaches and former

President Jimmy Carter with his


have to say about WORKING UNDER COVERS? I can hardly wait myself to

check it out...Ready?

Have you ever wondered – where did the gods and goddesses go when the world ceased to believe?  When they ceased to pay tribute?  When mortals turned away?  I have.  So has Kat Holmes.  And logically speaking, where would they go but out among us?  Following that train of logic, what would the gods and goddesses do in the world of mortals?  Well, let’s see, they’re the god or goddess of what?  So what else would Aphrodite a/k/a Ariel Schell do unless she operated a dating service?  And not just any dating service, mind you, one with a hundred percent success rate.  Except for the three missing women who’ve signed up with the company and vanished without a trace.  Enter Jordan Cade, former cop turned Private Investigator.  And enter some sizzling chemistry.  

Five stars for Kat Holmes’ Working Under Cover.  And as an extra bonus – guess what, folks?  Aphrodite’s not the only Goddess we’re going to meet.  Kat’s got a whole series ready to go.  I tell you, that girl’s got the scoop on all of them!

EXCELLENT! For those keeping tally, and I know as the MOM, I probably should not be the one to make notes...still, who else is here to do it?

 we have....THREE (3)

   we have ONE (1)

  We have ZERO (0)

 We have ZERO (0)

    We have ONE (1)

We have ZERO (0)

We have ZERO (0)

What will

tomorrow, or next week bring to this

fluid posting? I guess you'll just have to mark this page as a

FAVORITE and keep coming back...or...

 wait till I post a review of Book Two

HEART OF THE QUEEN in Kat's Gods At Work Series after it debuts in September

from the glorious Canadian E-Publishing House,

Muse It Up Publishing, Inc.


I was thinking maybe I should give you all an idea of who the Olympian's are coming your way already from this series...

Hera's story.

Book Three is


Book Four is


Book Five is


Box Six is


SUPER DUPER Spolier...for Book Seven, I've heard Kat talking about

This goddess. How many of you know who SHE is?

Here's some incentive to learn about the

Greek Pantheon...I am giving you the rest of

August. All those who can tell me who the goddess pictured above is will be in running to win a PDF copy of My September Release

BEYOND YESTERDAY that has nothing to do with the Pantheon and a lot to do with

Reba MacEntire's video for