Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


She came to us on the wings of
 entering our world with her power crackling about her.

She tried to hide her glory in her

human veneer, but she could not keep her true self hidden for long.
Her words convinced those in the position to do so, that she was one of us, the special talents that become a part of all that is


Her story gave her entry, her brilliance, her talent, her generosity, and her energy gave US


Avatars...I had heard that title before, during my post-grad studies, but I hadn't a clue how well they can be

utilized in the hands of a master.

Karen Coté, you have always been this,

but it took us a bit of time to bestow upon you a title you already displayed most abundantly.

World, allow me to introduce Karen Coté,


Goddess we honor you and vow to faithfully support your venue for news, Karen's Chaise Lounge.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Muse Publishing, Inc.

recently celebrated it's

one year anniversary, and yet, it really hasn't.

Why do I

say that?

Lea Schizas,

the Publishing

Whiz Kid behind the reality that is

Muse Publishing, Inc.

and her partner

Litsa Kamaertos,

Muse Publishing, Inc.'s Marketing Director,

merged their talents last March formulating the

blueprint for the Muse Dream Home, but the

Muse Corporation including it's award winning Bookstore did not actually open its door for the public to come in until




So the

molding of the actual

foundation is

a year old, but the business you the public have had access to...that anniversary is

still to come.

Luckily for all of us, I don't have to

wait that long to tell you all about

Muse It Up,

Muse It Hot,


Muse It Young 

and what makes it all so


Let's begin with

Lea and Litsa.

Some of you out there know Lea from her award winning ANNUAL, FREE, 

Muse Online Writers Conference.

Lea works tirelessly all year long to bring the Conference to the online writing world, allowing us all to meet, greet, and learn from the best the publishing world has to offer. Workshops are right there for all to take advantage of, learning the craft we all want to be a part of.

Agents...want to find one? Lea makes it easy via her Conference for you to meet agents she has vetted and knows are worthy of your time, and trust.


she places them here for you, the author to meet and submit to. These are publishers she knows, trusts, and respects to not misuse their power as publishers. Anyone who has checked the list of Publishers available for vetting at

PREDITORS AND knows there ARE unscrupulous publishers out there.

Lea is SO scrupulous she places the

GOOD ones in front of you and encourages you to look around.

I am SOLELY a Muse author, but not because Lea has not suggested we vet other publishers. I am SOLELY a Muse author, as is my daughter, Best Selling Author, Kat Holmes,

because for us, it's

the best! (And yes, we have had experiences elsewhere, so are qualified to make such a blanket statement.)

Litsa Kamateros, along with Lea, is one of the most dedicated advocates for Autism awareness I have ever met.

As a retired

Special Education Teacher, I have had

my own hand in the needs of Special students most of my adult life, yet Litsa and Lea have gone above and beyond anyone I have dealt with in the past.

Promotion is the toughest, at least for me, part of being a

published author. So what do we, the authors so inordinately

proud to be a part of Muse Publishing do to help one another?

We open up our blogs, or as with

Karen Coté, we create something so unique, it cannot help but create



If you have never seen and heard animated renditions of your favorite authors using the author's own voice to introduce their upcoming releases, you will understand when you follow this link to Karen's latest creation on Muse's Behalf...

Promise me you will not miss KAREN'S CHAISE LOUNGE

Karen's approach to helping promote Muse is

innovative and we are all so proud to have her incredible skills here at Muse, but she is not alone in going way above the typical call.

Our authors and editors think OUTSIDE-THE-BOX and are encouraged to do so.

Author Killarney Sheffield and

Editor Nancy Bell put their lovely heads together to create the FIRST Muse Convention this coming fall.

Canada's Premier E-Publisher is starting a trend with the Muse Convention...How many other publishers have their very OWN convention?

BTR shows are not unusal, but Muse doesn't have just ONE show being hosted by Muse Authors...oh no, no, no. To date we have

THREE with more planning to come on board.

THREE, not one, not two, but THREE.
1. Lea Schizas
2. Kat Holmes
3. Barbara Ehrentreu

That's pretty dang fangled

good for such a new Corporation!

And we have this...what I do.

Ginger Simpson, our Queen of Humor, calls what I do STATIONARY BOOK TRAILERS and it seems to be progressing, but, and this is the incredible part, it's growing in

popularity outside of Muse!

I started these postings because another publisher

predicted last July that Muse Publishing would fold within six months, and I took exception. Delilah K. Stephans, the head of our Cover Art Department and the one I have crowned

COVER ART GODDESS produces such incredible works of artistic genius, I knew

blogging about them despite my newness to all of this would still make the world

sit up and take notice of something as

special as I already knew Muse to be.

At Muse Publishing we are part of something that reflects on ALL of us because

ALL OF US are a part of each aspect of its success.

What will be the next "Thinking Outside The Box" revelation?

We have Superman

Jim Hartley and Wonderwoman

Ginger Simpson flexing their creative muscles all the time. Jim has bestowed upon me the designation of

The Muse Publishing Oracle. Don't I look great? And we cannot forget the source of our musical well being. Viviane Brentanos, who actually lives in Greece, and makes sure our souls are fed by sending us such wondrous music. She is our Lady Calliope, Muse of Epic Poetry and Song.

Isn't she breathtaking?

Tomorrow is a

canvas still waiting for the

creativity that exemplfies ALL that Muse Publishing Is and all it is still becomming.

So it really IS a year since Lea and Litsa

brainstormed Muse Publishing, Inc. but

the future before us is only getting brighter.

Thank you for joining us as we continue