Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


She came to us on the wings of
 entering our world with her power crackling about her.

She tried to hide her glory in her

human veneer, but she could not keep her true self hidden for long.
Her words convinced those in the position to do so, that she was one of us, the special talents that become a part of all that is


Her story gave her entry, her brilliance, her talent, her generosity, and her energy gave US


Avatars...I had heard that title before, during my post-grad studies, but I hadn't a clue how well they can be

utilized in the hands of a master.

Karen Coté, you have always been this,

but it took us a bit of time to bestow upon you a title you already displayed most abundantly.

World, allow me to introduce Karen Coté,


Goddess we honor you and vow to faithfully support your venue for news, Karen's Chaise Lounge.


Kat said...

Way to go Goddess Karen.:-)

Karen Cote said...

I love you sweet friend and certainly don't deserve the time you spent doing this nor the title. You melt my heart and have made this whole time at Muse an experience most could only dream of. What would I do without you? I hope to never find out.

You have my heart...always you beautiful angel-girl.

Lin said...

You brought tears to my eyes, Sweet Goddess. I have no intentions of slipping from this Muse Family any time soon.

And now I have finally found the right one for our Goddess of New Creation, Lea. I've found one for Kat, but must find one for Barbara E. and Litsa.

I am going to do one complete blog introducing all of Muse's ethereal ones very soon.

Karen Cote said...

Kitty-Kat, I love you. I so can't wait to have you in The Lounge next week so I can tell the world how wonderful you are. Actually, they probably already know it. Don't worry, I won't embarrass you...too much.:)

Lin...I think the title you've been given might be a little limited to what you are...okay a lot limited.

Love you and your girl.

Ginger Simpson said...

I agree with the bestowal...great job.

Anonymous said...

Talk about goddess power. Way to go.

I'm always amazed at how much creativity all the musers have.

Now, if only there was a goddess with a magic weather wand, the day would be perfect. LOL.

bye for now,

Lisa Blackwood

Emily Pikkasso said...

A well deserved accolade Karen. I bow to The Goddess of News. Thanks for all you do, I am so happy you are part of our Muse family.


Lin said...

I am working on a blog entitled MUSE PUBLISHING, IT'S ALL GREEK TO ME.

To give you a heads up, I have more God and Goddess-ships to bestow. I've been busy, busy, busy collecting pics, but I have also asked everyone to e-mail me with their favorite Greek gods, goddesses, food, whatvere. This is going to be a tribute to MUSE and the longstanding connection between the Greek Culture and the MUSES.

Anonymous said...

Muse Goddess of News...that fits like a glove. And so you are Christened, Karen. (smiles)
Hugs to our newest newsworthy Goddess of news! (wow, that was a newsy mouthful)

S.Durham said...

Karen, a well deserved title! You sound like a pro on your audio blog, and it is fun to listen to your intro's. In fact it occured to me you would be a wonderful Audio Book narrator...maybe when Muse Books go Audio...:)

Cheers, Sara

J Q Rose said...

Lin is at it again! Great!! Oh Esteemed Goddess of News...truly a wonderful choice to receive this honor.