Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Muse Publishing, Inc. is our home. It's where our books take flight and why I spend so much time




A lot of my

blogging is geared towards boasting about ALL my brother and sister authors.

Ginger Simpson, Muse's very own

QUEEN OF HUMOR, has dubbed my bloggings


TRAILERS.  Given how incredible ACTUAL

book trailers are, that's quite a compliment.

But today, here in this

blog posting I am going to limit this teaser to just the books written by my daughter

Kat Holmes, and myself

L.J. Holmes. I am going to list the names of

our books, those already out, and those still to come, but with

a twist. I'm not going to tell you who wrote them.

I am including some photos that give

a hint about the story they belong to. Some come from

blog yakkings I have already done, some will be new for books yet to be released.

I haven't

a clue if this will go over or not, but won't know

unless I try.

1.) Beyond Yesterday
2.) Hidden
3.) Crimson Waters
4.) Santa is a Lady
5.) The Lighthouse
6.) Frozen
7.) In From The Cold
8.) She's Gone
9.) Working Under Covers
10. This Time Forever
11. Dances at Dawn
12. The Christmas War
13. In Death's Arms
14. Champagne Afternoon
15. Life's Journey
16. The Heart of the Queen
17. Twilight Comes
18. Forever With You
19. Echoes From The Past
20. Hannah's Wish
21. The Pendulum Swings

Now pics.

Which pic do you think goes with which title?






















If you would like to try this game, e-mail me offlist for a score sheet. Make sure to include this in the SUBJECT:
E-mail me at

If this generates enough interest, I will roll it over into a contest and have a free PDF copy of my June 2011 release,

IN FROM THE COLD go to the winner.
Winner will be chosen based on the number of CORRECT scoresheets (please place your own e-mail address on the scoresheet along with your name before sending it back via e-mail attachment.)
Your sheet will be assigned a number that corresponds with a Bingo Number.
From my Bingo tumbler I will select the winning number.
It's all in the game

If you include our author's name with your guesses with each title and pic guess, and get them right, the winner will ALSO receive a free
PDF copy of
two of our short stories to be chosen at the time.

All contest score sheets must be submitted by
The winner will be announced on June 1st.
The Free PDF of IN FROM THE COLD will be awarded as soon as it is released from

Muse It Hot.


MuseItUp Publishing said...

What can I say...knowing the books I was able to guess most of them but some did have me guessing. Love your contests.

Kat said...

I actually wrote a lot of these and some of the pics had me guessing too.:-)