Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


What a joy it is to be a permanent member of

Muse Publishing, Inc. I get to see the dynamic covers our very own, exclusively spectacular

Cover Art Goddess, Delilah K. Stephans places out here before us long before you, our awaiting public.

I have done tributes from time-to-time to our Muse Family, and my daughter, author Kat Holmes and I did a ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE to Delilah not that long ago.

This, however, is a bit different. This is my OWN choices for the top 30 (THIRTY) eye-popping covers to date and why they make my eyes pop.

Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy the parade of the best the art world has in our delightfully prolific DELILAH K. STEPHANS. (These are only in the order they could be found to view in the FB album of our Publisher, Lea Schizas.)

1.) KELLAN'S DRAGON: I loved this one because you have Kellan at the top, the mesmerizingly flexible black dragon in the center, and the hint of military at the bottom, opposite Kellan.

2.) A TASTE OF TERROR: Oh boy, how can you NOT be struck by the silhouette of the wolf? 

3.) MURDER IS A FAMILY BUSINESS: A kitten on ANY cover is an auto draw for me...(my daughter's pen name is KAT, remember)...and this one looks smart as a whip as it inspects the dark gun before it. BRILLIANTLY EFFECTIVE!

4.)THE LIGHTHOUSE: You have two woman with the same gestures and a ghost, one flesh and blood. It shrieks mystery and synnergy at you. LOVE IT!

5.) THE WORLD OF ASH: It's the face in the cloud coming at you down that long strip of road. Makes me want to run fast and furiously the other way. SUSPENSE at its BEST!

6.) SANTA IS A LADY: Love the power in the Santa Lady's eyes, and the rippling effect in the water from the droplets falling from the pointsettia above it.

7.) THE OAK KING'S DAUGHTER: Of all the Jimmy Thomas covers done to date, this is my favorite...because he's sort of hinted at among the autumn bright leaves, as is the heroine. You have to really look for them...and THAT is BRILLIANT.

8.) FOREVER WITH YOU: Because I wrote this, I know what the story is, and this cover with the couple silhouetted in the foreground with the vibrant setting sun in the background is spot-on, to quote my British friends.

9.) Hurricane Warning: This needed no intense coloring for it to take your breath away. You feel the powerful increase in the wind's fury. The hurricane clouds spin to your upper right and a shore line building weather leeched of all color adds to the sense of urgency.

10.) NORMAN: I love blue, so naturally Delilah had me with this monochromatic gradient blue, but she incorporated computer circuitry along with what looks like a thick, oil-based tear leaking from Norman's eye. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cover.

11.)SHADOWS STEAL THE LIGHT: There's intense promise in the illuminated woman and pain beyond endurance in the darkened figure in the foreground.

12.) SHORTCOMINGS: The anguish is right there in her face and the why above it in the ribbon of students.

13.) DIOSCURI: I am a fan of ancient history, Greece, Egypt, and Rome. This one brings us to Greece, both modern and ancient reflected by this cover beneath a radiant silver moon.

14.) THE HEART OF THE AMAZON: A guy in a muscle hugging tank tee is always an attention grabber, but you have him somewhat obscured by the rich foliage of the tropics making you feel all hot and bothered.

15.) FROZEN: This cover sends chills up and down my spine. It also makes me want to know why the haunting woman at the top looking down on everything is purple.

16.) THE LYCAN MOON: Wolves baying in the forground, a witch hat illusion, almost like a window floating in the cloudy sky.

17.) BECOMING NADIA: Powerfully creepy. She's beautiful, but that robotic eye makes you want to hide.

18.) MAGIC IS FASTER THAN LIGHT: Love the use of silhouette against the twinkling background. Adds such depth.

19.) STRANGER ON THE SHORE: Calm, peaceful scene until you notice there's a BIG storm coming and it is THIS close.

20.) TWILIGHT COMES: Another scene that appears tranquil, calm, and restful, but there's one terrific storm heading towards the hero from the horizon.

21.) GHOSTLY PASSIONS: The colors Delilah used bledned into the screnery, they reach out to you from the house and the ghostly silhouettes near the skyline.

22.) GUILTY KISSES: There's a CAT...of course this is a cat figurine, but it makes you want to get the book to find out what the cat is all about.

23.) ASHES: Guy in anguish with the Phoenix percolating from his depths. Simple yet POWERFUL!

24.) MASKED LOVE: The mask seems to actually be a living, breathing personality. LOVE IT!

25.) DARK WIZARD: It's a freaking game controller against a scary, somewhat hidden dude and all of it is glowing green.

26.) COLD, COLD HEART: POWERFUL-demands you learn why there's this heart surrounded by a bed of freezing snow crystals.

27.) WORKING UNDER COVERS: Elegant lady, but has she got a secret.

28.) GROUNDS FOR MURDER: Powerfully simplistic cup of joe with a steamy skeleton rising from it.

29.) BETWIXT AND BETWEEN: This has a lot of intriguing things to draw the eye and make you wonder why it is on this cover.

30.) WHITE SAVAGE: I love the coloring...dark, nightly, the stallion and the trail of flames no longer tamped down.

Delilah delivers time and time again.


festival8 said...

I love all the covers Lin but my favorite is Frozen!

Rosalie Skinner said...

What a collection.
Well done Delilah.
Great post Lin.

Kat said...

Thanks festival8. It's my favorite too.:-)

Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

another Lin and muse great

S.Durham said...

Awesome Lin! Glad to be in the lineup:) I love my cover!