Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Monday, January 31, 2011



we all think of her as the goddess of I thought...hmmm, Kat has the first of her Gods at Work Series coming out on June 1st and it is Aphrodite's story.

Let me begin by giving you a little background about the problems currently plaguing the gods up there on

Mount Olympus.

Zeus likes tossing lightning bolts...everyone knows that about him, right? Course he also likes being

the King of all the gods...the man's ego is bigger than

the Big Bang and wider than

the entire Universe!

BUT..and please, don't tell him I said this because I really don't want him aiming one of those jagged

lightning bolts up my

backside, but the man is REALLY

lazy. Unless you consider hitting on everything that smells female a job. I suppose if he were a paid

"escort" we could consider him OVERLY employed, but I don't recall that ever being how Zeus made his money.

If I remember correctly, money, fruits, sacrifices were all laid, quite elaborately upon

the thrones in his temples. In other words, the BIG man lives off of the riches of others.

This is 2011, and the worldwide economy is

in the toilet...putting it nicely, and donations laid upon the thrones of

crumbling temples is WAY down. Laziness is not a habit you break without a lot of resistance.

Zeus has no need to break his habit when he can lord it over

his fellow gods and goddess.

Climbing upon his soapbox, the Bolt Tosser declares that his siblings and offspring must sally forth down amongst us mere mortals and EARN livings.

The Pantheon almost as lazy as His Royalness, are so not prepared to live and work among us plebeians, but like it or not, that is their mandate.

Enter Aphrodite Godess of Love in Book One of the Gods At Work Series, aptly titled WORKING UNDER COVERS, by my most talented, extremely prolific, Greek Myth expert, and favorite daughter, Kat Holmes.

Many, when they picture Aphrodite, conger a picture up of the OLD Aphrodite...

but Kat and Delilah K. Stephans, designer of excellence extraordinaire, and a goddess in her own right...a

MUSE COVER ART GODDESS...came up with this, the new and IMPROVED Aphrodite who has a BIG secret that Kat aims to share.

So if you see THIS woman, remember, she may LOOK as human as you and me, but she is...shhhh...we don't want this to get'll be like the run on California back in those wild and woolly days of 1849

you know, the Gold Rush! Come a little I can whisper...

that's it. She is an honest to god goddess...not just a minor goddess, but

an OLYMPIAN goddess.

Kat Holmes, in her FIRST Gods At Work Series Title, WORKING UNDER COVERS, gave Aphrodite the PERFECT human job for the Goddess of Love...I mean, really, can you imagine ANYONE better at running her very own


Who would know more about hooking up the right people when it comes to
Love Wallpaper
than Aphrodite?

Muse Publishing Inc. will release the new and very IMPROVED

Working Under Covers from its

Muse it HOT side on June 1st, 2011.

In the meantime check out the
Muse Bookstore for the books Kat already has available

The Lighthouse, a paranormal mystery, ghost story, suspense story and those coming

Frozen, the land of constant winter, its Queen Awni, and the Ice God Tichi.

Kat can be contacted via e-mail at:
her blog:
and her website:

And remember at Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. we are always:

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Forever With You Review By Sue Perkins

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Forever With You by L.J. Holmes

Title:                   Forever With You
Author:                L.J. Holmes
Publisher:           Muse It Hot Publishing
Pages:                 19 pages
Heat Level:         Hot

Release Date:   1st February 

Coryne’s unexpected elevation to riches provides her with the wealth to buy land and build the home she’s always wanted - but on a bigger scale than she’d intended.
Tempted by Keith, the builder, she does her best to resist him. With the house almost finished will her hot dreams become reality?
I came to know Coryne intimately through her thoughts. Ms Holmes reaches inside her character to provide the reader with a deep insight into what drives this woman. With no need to work for money, Coryne shows her compassionate side as she puts her extensive legal training into representing battered women and their children. 
I was pleasantly surprised by this book. While certain scenes were extremely sensual, the story as a whole was warm and excellently written. Coryne came alive as I got deeper into the story. Her hopes and fears, her reluctance to give in to her emotions and the temptation of a handsome, sexy man, made her a very strong woman.
I believe Ms Holmes must enjoy surprises. Just as you think you know where the story is going, the author throws in a surprise to complete the reader’s enjoyment.
If you’re looking for a light but meaningful book to read, I would highly recommend Forever With You by L.J. Holmes.


Roseanne Dowell said...
Sounds like a good book.
lastnerve said...
This looks like a book that I would really enjoy. Great review. It's going on my To Buy list. Thanks for the heads up on the book. Val
S.Durham said...
Lovely interview Lin! And Sue what a great idea for a blog:) Cheers, Sara
Anita Davison said...
Good review Lin - congratulations. Interesting premise for a story too.
Kay Dee Royal said...
Excellent review Lin. Well said, Sue. Nice blog I might add.
Lin said...
I want to thank Sue for her time and generosity in reading my book, and I also want to thank of who have left comments. This is one of my all time favorite stories, and I am glad Sue enjoyed it too.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

More Santa is a Lady Reviews

MondayRe, January 03, 2011

Book Review -- Santa is a Lady by L. J. Holmes  By Rochelle Weber

Acey likes to sit in my desk drawer and supervise.

Having read Santa is a Lady in one sitting, I found the story touching and funny. The heroine, Angie Brightwell, has survived a car crash that should have killed her. She has defied her doctors’ prognoses and fought to walk again. Legally blind from the crash, she has even found a car with a complicated navigation system that allows her to get around without a driver. Feisty and independent definitely describe Angie. But, she has practically become a recluse to avoid pity. So it takes a lot for her friend, Beck Cavington, to talk her into playing Santa when the professional Santa she hired is arrested four days before Christmas.
Cameron Drayton has gone through the wringer trying to retrieve his half-Iraqi daughter after her vengeful uncles had their own sister murdered for the sin of not only loving and eloping with him, but of bearing a girl. One would think allowing the infidel to take her back to his country would solve their problem, but in their rage against Cam, they kidnapped Johara, produced a fake birth certificate, and left her in an orphanage. It took two years and thousands of dollars in ransom to find out where she was, more money to prove he was her father to both the U.S. and Iraqi governments, get custody and bring her home. Needless to say, he wants her first Christmas to be perfect and a lady Santa isn’t part of that plan.
One of my cats, Acey Deucy, supervised me while I read the story. He was quite taken with the antics of Mama Bear, Angie’s cat. (Not that way; he’s been neutered, fer gossake!) He was very angry at me when I laughed so hard at her I dislodged him. He stalked off with his tail in the air, flicking it in disdain. At me, not the book. I’m sure he liked it as much as I did. I know he’d like to see more of Mama Bear. (No, really— he’s neutered!)
My heart went out to Angie and Cam as they struggled to heal the wounds that don’t show—the ones that hurt the worst. I highly recommend this book. Have tissues ready, and be sure you’re in a chair you can’t roll out of when you’re laughing. Oh, and if you still text while you drive, read this book; and then think again.
Santa is a Lady is available now at MuseItUp Publishing. This is the first of several books L. J. Holmes has coming out over the next year and the first of the Christmas Miracles series. I, for one, can’t wait for her next book, Forever with You, due out February 1, 2011 from MuseItHOT, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Santa is a Lady by L.J. Holmes - Reviewed by Kay Dee Royal

I read another wonderful Christmas story. My first for the season was Elizabeth Coldwell's Be Good to Your Elf, and the last couple of days I've had the pleasure of reading Santa is a Lady by L.J. Holmes.

I'm going to share my review of L.J.'s holiday book.

Santa is a Lady
L.J. Holmes

ISBN e-book: 978-1-926931-06-7
Seasonal – sweet romance
Muse It Up Publishing – December 2010
Book Review by – Kay Dee Royal

Eight years ago Angie Brightwell almost lost her life in a car accident. She came out of it changed forever. Two years ago Cam Drayton suffered a terrible tragedy, changing his life forever.

Threads of synchronicities bring Angie and Cam together at the most spiritual and vulnerable time of year, during the Christmas holiday season.

Ms. Holmes weaves a stunning blend of strong characters, from Angie’s disabilities and her acceptance of the life she must live, to Angie’s best friend, Becca and all of her selfish reckonings, and then to Cam’s return from service with a young child and a broken heart. Ms. Holmes breaths life into each of them, building tensions in relationships in a way that both pulls the reader along and also thoughtfully holds the reader long after the story is over.

This short book is a Christmas delight, giving all of the warmth and delightful spirit appreciated all year round, but most especially during the Christmas holiday.

Santa is a Lady is a definite must read worthy of making it onto Santa’s gift list.


SWillett said...
Wonder how to order this book? I've never purchased a ebook.
Charlie said...
Wonderful review, KayDee. I'm going to have to read it...but I may have to wait until after Christmas when I have time. haha. Nice Job. Congrats. Lin. Charlie C.K. Volnek

Review - Santa is a Lady (The Christmas Miracle Series) Sweet Romance

  • September 28th, 2010 8:31 pm ET
Sweet Romance
Photo: Cover by Delilah Stephans
 Santa is a Lady (The Christmas Miracle Series) by L.J. Holmes – Coming December 2010
Angie Brightwell is in pain most of the time. She barely survived a horrible car crash that damaged both her eyes and forces her to walk with a cane. Imagine her shock when her best friend from childhood, Beck Cavington, insists Angie play Santa in her Sweet shop. It seems the man Beck hired has been arrested for pedophilia just five days from Christmas, and she’s shy one fat guy in a red suit.
Of course Angie’s first reaction is “no way,” but Beck is good at browbeating and has plenty of pillows for stuffing. Angie soon finds herself wrapping her cane in red ribbon to match her new found attire. Holding the children and listening to their holiday wishes is good for her soul, though it pains her to know that because of the accident she may never have one of her own. Her true identity is revealed when a darling little girl pulls off her beard and bares Angie’s face to the world. Jo’s daddy, Cam, is more than upset to find a female playing a male role, at least until he overhears an argument between Angie and Beck.
Cam has his own problems, and raising a daughter without a mother isn’t an easy feat, especially when she’s part Iraqi and her unscrupulous uncles want to bring her home for all the wrong reasons. Two people with troubled pasts and challenged futures find hope in one another…or do they?
L.J. Holmes holiday offering is a pleasant read that gets you in the festive mood for decorating and celebrating. You’ll swear you smell the pine tree and see lights twinkling in the distance. When you finish and find yourself wanting more from this talented author, then chin up…book two is schedule for release in December 2011. Most people love books with the “ah” factor, and this is definitely one of those. Sorry to tell you this book won’t be available until December 2010, but when it releases, treat yourself to an early holiday gift.
L.J. Holmes is the creator of what one would call “stationary trailers,” having made one for just about every book contracted at Muse It Up Publishing. You can view her awesome contributions on her blog.  You can find more about her on her MIU Author’s page.

Review of Santa is a Lady, By Roseanne Dowell
After Beck Cavington convinces her best friend, Angie Brightwell, to play Santa for her candy shop against Angie's better judgment, all kinds of hell breaks loose. Not only does a handsome single father bring his daughter into see Santa, the 2 year old manages to entangle her tiny fingers in Santa's beard. Yep, you guessed it, the beard comes off. The father is so angry to see Santa is a woman, he gives her and the shop owner a piece of his mind.
To make matters worse, the next day the town hellion approaches and after stomping all over Santa's lap, manages to pull of her wig. Beck blames Angie for the whole mess and the scene is witnessed by Cam. LJ Holmes weaves a magical Christmas tale. Treat yourself to a story filled with humor and emotion.