Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Monday, January 31, 2011



we all think of her as the goddess of I thought...hmmm, Kat has the first of her Gods at Work Series coming out on June 1st and it is Aphrodite's story.

Let me begin by giving you a little background about the problems currently plaguing the gods up there on

Mount Olympus.

Zeus likes tossing lightning bolts...everyone knows that about him, right? Course he also likes being

the King of all the gods...the man's ego is bigger than

the Big Bang and wider than

the entire Universe!

BUT..and please, don't tell him I said this because I really don't want him aiming one of those jagged

lightning bolts up my

backside, but the man is REALLY

lazy. Unless you consider hitting on everything that smells female a job. I suppose if he were a paid

"escort" we could consider him OVERLY employed, but I don't recall that ever being how Zeus made his money.

If I remember correctly, money, fruits, sacrifices were all laid, quite elaborately upon

the thrones in his temples. In other words, the BIG man lives off of the riches of others.

This is 2011, and the worldwide economy is

in the toilet...putting it nicely, and donations laid upon the thrones of

crumbling temples is WAY down. Laziness is not a habit you break without a lot of resistance.

Zeus has no need to break his habit when he can lord it over

his fellow gods and goddess.

Climbing upon his soapbox, the Bolt Tosser declares that his siblings and offspring must sally forth down amongst us mere mortals and EARN livings.

The Pantheon almost as lazy as His Royalness, are so not prepared to live and work among us plebeians, but like it or not, that is their mandate.

Enter Aphrodite Godess of Love in Book One of the Gods At Work Series, aptly titled WORKING UNDER COVERS, by my most talented, extremely prolific, Greek Myth expert, and favorite daughter, Kat Holmes.

Many, when they picture Aphrodite, conger a picture up of the OLD Aphrodite...

but Kat and Delilah K. Stephans, designer of excellence extraordinaire, and a goddess in her own right...a

MUSE COVER ART GODDESS...came up with this, the new and IMPROVED Aphrodite who has a BIG secret that Kat aims to share.

So if you see THIS woman, remember, she may LOOK as human as you and me, but she is...shhhh...we don't want this to get'll be like the run on California back in those wild and woolly days of 1849

you know, the Gold Rush! Come a little I can whisper...

that's it. She is an honest to god goddess...not just a minor goddess, but

an OLYMPIAN goddess.

Kat Holmes, in her FIRST Gods At Work Series Title, WORKING UNDER COVERS, gave Aphrodite the PERFECT human job for the Goddess of Love...I mean, really, can you imagine ANYONE better at running her very own


Who would know more about hooking up the right people when it comes to
Love Wallpaper
than Aphrodite?

Muse Publishing Inc. will release the new and very IMPROVED

Working Under Covers from its

Muse it HOT side on June 1st, 2011.

In the meantime check out the
Muse Bookstore for the books Kat already has available

The Lighthouse, a paranormal mystery, ghost story, suspense story and those coming

Frozen, the land of constant winter, its Queen Awni, and the Ice God Tichi.

Kat can be contacted via e-mail at:
her blog:
and her website:

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Kat said...

I LOVE it!!!!!

Lin said...

I am so glad. I was really excited about a lot of the pictures I found. They sang to me and I knew they were the right pics to go with your story. I loved the lazy dog, the toilet, the heart balloon, and nearly flipped when I found the keyboard with the heart. I was sad you were sleeping when I finished but happy that you love what I did.

I love you, Angel,

MuseItUp Publishing said...

Okay, LOVE that toilet. Kinda kinky with that tongue in the bowl. :)

Lin, those pics you choose just bring the book alive. Kudos to you, and congrats to Kat. Can't wait for all of her series to go out.

Glenn Kleier said...

Amazing! Lin, you make me want to read this, and I'm a guy! But I have to admit, the toilet thing has me zipping up and fleeing for the hills!

N.J.Walters said...

Fantastic, as always, Lin! The cover is just awesome.

Lin said...

Glenn, Thank you for the chuckle. NJ, you were Kat's mentor, Your approval means a lot. Lea, that toilet seat has taken on a life of its own...much the way Ghostly Viagra has. It is nice to be a trend CREATOR.

And Kat...Making you laugh is the best thanks and praise I could ever get for what I do.

Charlie said...

Wonderful post! Love the pictures and the slamming great text. Sounds like a delightful story and can't wait to see how you whip that Zeus into shape. Still laughing at the toilet pic. Great job.
C.K. Volnek

Susan Hornbach said...

A wonderful post, and promotion. The book sounds exciting. Your pics are perfect! Wishing you great success.

Lin said...

Thank you So much Charlie and Susan. To those that are having problems posting comments, thanks for letting me know via e-mail that you like this posting. I WILL get to the bottom of whay you cannot post your comments and try to get it corrected ASAP.