Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


October 2012 is now coming to its end. Today is a double holiday...the last day of our month long celebration of Muse It Up Publishing's Birthday, and


Many of us at Muse remember our first Halloween and the introduction of our yearly Mascot Bonella.

Bonella does not like to treat...she's all about tricking...but this is to be a treat...

MIU's first year brought into publication most of us who joined Muse from the start...and now as we close out this birthday I want to celebrate the repeat authors that gave that first year their all by writing enough books to make MIU flush with stories to enchant the

reading world and show all the doubters we're here to stay.

So for this posting I am only going to name those who as we begin our third year had a minimum of two books available during that first full year...Each author will have his/her first book, followed in order by their next and so forth until you have a full current list of their titles. 

So we begin with

1.) The Ghost of Grover's Ridge released October 2010
2.) Magic Is Faster Than Light released May 2011
3.) A Fork in the Road released August 2011
4.) Ten Years released October 2011
5.) Teen Angel released January 2012
6.) Cop With a Wand released April 2012
7.) Magic to the Rescue released September 2012

1.) The Harvest Moon released October 2010
2.) Flying Kite, Crashing Ship released January 2011

1.) Grounds For Murder released October 2010
2. The Golden Eagle Mystery released May 2011
3.) The Antique Toy Car released August 2011
4.) Forecast For Murder released December 2011
5.) Dianne's Dilemma released October 2012

1.) A Taste of Terror released November 2010
2.) Passion's Bite released January 2010

1.) World of Ash released November 2010
2.) Earthly Forces released February 2011
3.) Early Release for Bad Behavior released May 2011
4.) The Vanishing released September 2011
5.) Three Miles Below released October 2012

1.) Be Good To Your Elf released December 2010
2.) The Face In The Glass released May 2011
3.) Make Mine a Double (Lacey's Lamp Bar Series) Apil 2012

1.) For the Love of Rei released December 2010
2.) Fast Girls Are True released August 2011
3.) Shaking it for Daddy released november 2011
4.) Comforts of a Man released April 2012

1.) Hurricane Warning released November 2010
2.) A Wing and a Prayer released January 2011
3.) Shortcomings released March 2011
4.) The Forget-Me Nots released May 2011
5.) Masked Love released July 2011
6.) Joy's Revelation released September 2011
7.) Just The Right Fit released November 2011

1.) Santa Is A Lady released December 2010
2.) Forever With You released February 2011
3.) The Pendulum Swings released March 2011
4.) Twilight Comes released May 2011
5.) In From The Cold released June 2011
6.) This Time Forever released August 2011
7.) Beyond Yesterday released September 2011
8.) Suc-U released October 2011
9.) Champagne Afternoon released November 2011
10.) The Christmas War released December 2011
11.) She's Gone released February 2012
12.) Life's Journey released June 2012
13.) Her Last Day in collaboration with Kat Holmes rleased October 2012

1.) Resurrection Garden released January 2011
2.) Blood Sins released March 2011
3.) Dead Man's Gambit released June 2011
4.) Empty Time released October 2011
5.) Gravedigger's Open House released March 2012
6.) Vacation Man released July 2012

1.) Kellan's Dragon released January 2011
2.) Cody and the Elf released February 2011

1.) Dark Side of the Moon released January 2011
2. Parmenters Wager released April 2011

1.) The Lighthouse released January 2011
2.) Frozen released February 2011
3.) Working Under Covers released June 2011
4.) Heart of the Queen released August 2011
5.) Dangerous Voice released November 2011
6.) In Death's Arms released January 2012
7.) Crimson Waters released April 2012
8.) Hidden released June 2012
9.) Dances at Dawn released August 2012
10.) Her Last Day collab with L.J Holmes relased October 2012

1.) Murder is a Family Business released January 2011
2.) A Wedding to Die For released May 2011
3.) Death Runs in the Family released May 2012

1.) Big Girls Don't Cry Wolf released February 2011
2.) Staring in the Eyes of Chance released July 2011

1.) Shadows Steal the Light released February 2011
2.) Hog Wild released June 2011
3.) Reluctant Companions released August 2011
4.) When We Were Amazing released November 2011

1.) Written In Stone released February 2011
2.) Cold, Cold Heart released June 2011
3.) Past Undone released June 2012

1.) Tears on a Tranquil Lake released February 2011
2.) Sea Glass and Sand Memories released June 2011
3.) Tortuga Treasure released January 2012
4.) Ruler of the Night (Lacey's Lamp Bar Series) released July 2012

1.) More Stately Mansions released March 2011
2.) Dark Wizard released May 2011
3. The Blue of Her Hair, The Gold of Her Eyes released July 2011
4.) Dax Rigby, War Correspondent released September 2011
5.) Steam Heat released December 2011
6.) Inspector of the Cross released April 2012
7.) Wet Dreams released May 2012

1.) Stranger on the Shore released on March 2011
2.) Double the Trouble released May 2011
3.) A Second Chance released June 2011
4.) May I Have This Dance released July 2011
5.) Connections of the Mind released September 2011

1.) Becoming Nadia released May 2011
2.) Unalive released August 2011

1.) Sleeping With Her Enemy released May 2011
2.) Dance With The Devil released July 2011
3.) Zach's Amazing Dream Machine released September 2011
4.) Blue Streak released November 2011
5.) The Evil Within released January 2012
6.) Tocatta released May 2012
7.) Bloodlust released July 2012

1.) The Lycan Moon released April 2011
2.) The Power released August 2011

1.) Odessa released April 2011
2.) Zarena released August 2011
3.) Prophecy released September 2011
4.) Jeremiah Holyfield released December 2011

1.) The Chameleon's Bite released April 2011
2.) Summoning Darkness released August 2011

1.) Subspecies released May 2011
2.) Subspecies, Inc. released October 2011
3.) Children of the Subspecies released December 2011
4.) The Tenth Legion released February 2012
5.) Legrange Point released May 2012

1.) Guilty Kisses released June 2011
2.) Stand and Deliver released September 2011
3.) The Horseguard's Lady released December 2011
4.) A Courtesan's Desire released March 2012
5.) Inventing Love released June 2012

1.) Trencarrow Secret released June 2011
2.) Culloden Spirit released September 2011

1.) The Relics of Nanthara: Secrets Revealed released June 2011
2.) Sacrifice of Heroes released October 2011
3.) Dawn of the Apocalypse released August 2012

1.) Missing, Assumed Dead released July 2011
2.) Bad Spelling released October 2011
3.) Midnight Oil released January 2012
4.) Scotch Broom released April 2012
5.) Setara's Genie released August 2012

1.) Love: Ann and the Viking (Fate and Fangs Series) released August 2011
2.) Punishment: Lilith's Trials (F&F Series) released September 2011
3.) Struggle: Elizabeth in America (F&F) released October 2011
4.) Debauchery: Victoria's Burning (F&F) released November 2011
5.) Lust: James at Sundowner (F&F) released December 2011
6.) Humanity: A Letter From Gaston (F&F) released January 2012
7.) Resurrection: Stephanie after the Liliathan (F&F) released February 2012

One year...from October thru October and every one of these authors is still here, still contributing to Muse's

Magic. Ultimately THAT defines who and what Muse It Up Publishing is and why it now steps past year two and begins jogging towards...


I am a Muser...I have been since

March 29th, 2010 when I received my first contract...and as long as my body wakes up each day I will remain a Muser. Will I make our

tenth birthday? You'll have to check back in October 2020 and see.

Until then...






Monday, October 29, 2012

MIU-POWER OF TRUTH-September and October 2011

I didn't realize when I began this how

difficult it was going to be to revisit

two full years, and regrettably it looks like I'm going to fall short on completing my objective...and because of that I HAVE to make sure I do these two months now...

September and

October 2011...the official end of our first year and beginning of our second year right.

When we began, our MuseItUp Publishing House had only three cover artists. Two of them only did one cover each, but now, 9/2011, as we approach the end of our first year, we have expanded and have at least six with another coming on board as we move into 2012. With brilliant covers comes brilliant sales, and more interest.

I don't have spreadsheets...numbers aren't my forté, but these two months brought many accolades and proofs of what Muse is growing lets get started:

1.) CONNECTIONS OF THE MIND, by multipublished Muse Author, Roseanne Dowell. I don't know thebextact number of Muse releases Roseanne has out prior to this one, but it's a lot!

2.) EDINBURGH FOG, by gifted Jan Richardson bringing us historical Scotland

3.) THE VANSIHING by one of our finest writers of eery suspense, multi-published Muser Kevin Hopson and with hsi first YA book. Kevin has brought so much heart, soul, courage, and love to our Muse family.

4.) CULLODEN SPIRIT, by one of the most talented historical romance authors at Muse, Anita Davison

5.) ENCHANTMENT by new Muse author Lawna Mackie, a great debut.

6.) JOY'S REVELATION by multi talented and publsuhed author Ginger Simpson. Like Roseanne Dowell, I don't know how many books Ms. Simpson already has released here at Muse, but the numbers are grand.

7.) PROPHESY by Multi-published fantasy author Rebecca Ryals Russell. Whenever I see a yellow hat, Rebecca's tradnemark, anywhere I think of this gifted lady.

8.)WOUNDS by...she may be new, for now...but Barbara Bockman is one of the finest authors for Youths we have at Muse and one of our most cherished Muse sisters.

9.) LAUREL'S MIRACLE by multi-gifted Nancy Marie Bell, one of our incredible authors and generous editors. A true Muse gem! Love Ya, Nancy.

10.) BEYOND me...LJ. Holmes. Okay this is my seventh book so far...and one of my darker stories but with a HEA.

11.) PUNISHMENT: LILITH'S TRIALS - Book Two in the Fate and Fangs Series by Kristin Battestella. This is a HUGE series and Kristin amazingly talented.

12.) GHOST DOG OF ROANOKE ISLAND by first timer C.K. Volnek, but there'll be more and guess what? She's one of out new Cover Artists. Can't keep exceptionally talented people pidgeon-holed.

13.) IF I COULD BE LIKE JENNIFER TAYLOR brings us our SECOND infamous Babara author for the youth readers of the world, Barbara Ehrentreu...powerful stories from powerful Barbaras.

14.) BOLD by new author, exquisitely talented Jillian Murphy

15.) STAND AND DELIVERY our second offering from the glorious Killarney Sheffield coing to us from our enormously talented Canadian Side.

16.) CHASE by one of our most prolific authors Larion Wills, and I'll let you in on a secret...she actually writes under two names...but if you want to find out what her other name is, you're going to have to check her authors pages out...everywhere you can think author's pages might be. See how easy I made that?

17.) THE NEIGHBOR by deliciously gifted Janie Franz...Janie knows how to stroke every one of your nerve ending.

18.) BAD SPELLING, Marva Dasef delivers exceptional YA themes and this is but the beginning of her long list of titles

19.) TRIALS OF A LONELY SPECTER by new author Diane Harstock. I must confess I ahve not read this one yet, but Boy Howdy am I looking forward to. I LOVE many possibilities.

20.) SACRIFICES OF HEROES by the multi-published Nick G. Gianarras. Nicjks writing makes me aspire to improve he's THAT good!

21.) ANGELA'S COVEN a book eating up five star reviews like they are diamonds from the sky by Bruce Jenvey. He's so talented he sends chills up and down my spine.

22.) SUC-U by...oh dear...this is getting embarrassing...yeah me. Don't let the title fool you, or the cover...she's one hot succubi

23.) CHAINED by brand new, but from the buzz I hear, that's a distinction she won't lay claim to for long, author Kelli Key

24.) EROTIC DECEPTION by new author and all around omnipresent talent Karen Coté. This author is setting our world on fire in every way imaginable.(If you haven't seen her avatars, you are missing a real treat.)

25.) BLUE EYES another gifted new author every one's talking about, Anne Holley

26.) ROCK CRAZY by first time Muse author, but multi-published author Muse's gifted Rochelle Weber. Rochelle brings us inside the war one who must live with being Bi-polar goes through every day, making me grateful for my own level of sanity and more compassionate for those who struggle to maintain their's.

27.) SLOANE WOLFE by another gifted new Muser, Margay Leah Justice...Muse DOES call to the best, and they ARE answering the call.

28.) EMPTY TIME by multi-released Muser and gifted mystery author, Frank Scully. Frank is another author with LOADS of books already released form his talented belt of storytelling skills. A mystery writer worthy of that title.

29.) DUH, FRIED, AND ZOMBIFIED by Ryan Miller. This is not Ryan's first Muse release, and with a title like this, so won't be his last. Well done Ryan!

30.) NO ORDINARY LOVE by new author Kate Lynd and what a brillant debut.

31.) TEN YEARS by another multi-published Muse Author and one of my cherished Muse brothers, Jim Hartley, but Jim is so much more...he's who I go to when I know the computer stuff is beyond me...(I have him on speed-Skype)...he's who I go to when I want his brilliance at tweeking graphics during my many blogs, but he's also who I climb in line to read when I want a little bit of quirk and a lot of fun. I have read just about everything he's I guess that makes me a fan lapping after him like a drooling dog. Love you Jim!.

...but I'm not done.

October 2011 MuseItUp Publishing Inc created a second

first, totally unheard of by such a new company. In Montreal/Quebec, Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. gathered authors from

around the world together to celebrate the first Muse Retreat and Booksigning. As the following pictures will show, it was a smashing success.

Lea introduces our Muse Halloween Mascot in her more concrete form Bonella to the gathered Muse authors.

Now we're all used to THIS Bonella...guess she lost her hat and the distinctive hole in the side of her face (think she sidled through a quarry on her way?) traveling as she did, underground from her

mausoleum to the Retreat site.

Nancy Marie Bell, one of our multi-published authors, and editors as well as one of the Retreat co-ordinators of the Retreat stepped up to present Lea and Litsa with a token of praise and pride from all of Muse.

Many amazing things happened at that first night. The most important thing was meeting our brotoer and sister Musers, and forming friendships that will last a lifetime and beyond.

The booksigning was a smashing success

can't you tell?

Held in Canada's version of Target, the authors like:

Karen Coté and behind her, lending his support, her delightful husband she lovingly calls Coté,

Barbara Ehrentreu, a favorite with the youth fans

our delightful Nancy M. Bell, Muse editor, author and Retreat co-ordinator,

Christine London, an author with a HUGE following amongst the fans and all of us at Muse,

S. (ara) Durham who brought her equally delightful daughter along to enjoy the festivities,

armed with both her books, Murder is a Family Business and A Wedding To Die For, (though only one pictured here) Heather Haven,

Heather's equally delightful cousin Grace DeLuca,

holding her book with pride and joy, wile beaming happily, H.M. Provost,

the very delightful Kevin Craig, one of several of our illustrious male authors to attend this momentous event,

Lisa Forget with, yep the ever radiant and beautiful Christine London,

Sandra Clarke who absolutely loved being there, and it shows here,

another excellent Youth author Madeleine McLaughlin praised the effort and detail thet went into the weekend's activities,

Arelene Webb with her powerful book that has one of the most colorful covers I've ever seen anywhere,

Charles Mossop, another one of our very gifted male authors regaled everyone with his wit and wisdom,

the lovely Joanne Elder holding her book with more brilliant colors splashed across its cover than the most striking of rainbows...

What do you do when the

apple doesn't fall far from the Mama Oak? You proudly publish your daughter, Christina Schizas' book which also has the added bonus of your son George Schizas' gifted cover creation. (The Schizas really know how to fill the creative world don't they?)

Lea and two of her brilliant she co-wrote with...

Litsa holding their collaboration...showing their separate powers...

 and together guiding the booksigning's progress

and many others got to meet with fans, spend time with them and sign their books. There are many more authors who attended this Retreat/Signing, but for one reason or another I am having trouble locating their pictures...To them I

apologize and beg your forgiveness.

But for those who attended and those of us who had to stay behind, the most moving moment came when

Karen McGrath, our dear friend, author, editor, and now guardian angel received

this tribute. We miss you Karen, but you ARE our

angel above watching over us, encoruaging us, and loving us.

We began, long before our

debut as a

small family, each working hard to create stories the world would come to

love, but also with

Lea Schizas our publisher and Litsa Kamateros our Marketing and Promotional Director to create something unique, enduring and soul enriching.

We started with few, but those few began the process of making Muse It Up Publishing into the BIG

family it became and continues to be today.

We've grown. The last I heard we have well over

250 authors. That's an amazing increase in such a short time...BUT...that increase would never have happened if the

core of who we are at MIU did not sit upon the bedrock of

Lea and Litsa's design...That design is...the

are the House's foundation...without us there'd be no need for the editors, cover artists, web mistress, marketing director, or the publisher.

As an author, though, I must say without Lea, Litsa and their

the rest of us would be vulnerable to less scrupulous publishing houses...and they DO exist...check out

Preditors and Editors and you'll find just how precarious this world can be...

Lea and Litsa's (here at a booksigning for Autism Awareness in Canda) integrity and dedication to making the

world a better place, gave those of us in the beginning powerful reasons to bust our humps and make

Muse It Up Publishing a place that would draw and will continue to draw the finest writers on the planet today.

My name is

L.J. Holmes, and I am an author...but not just ANY author...I am a proud author, along with my author daughter

Kat Holmes, here at Muse It Up Publishing. We know what else is out there. Kat WAS out there, but we're both here now...and have been since March 2010. This is our

and the home for our inner voices. Between the two of us, as of today we have twenty two books already released through Muse It Up Publishing with more coming.

So it is with great pride and

I say