Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


IN December 2012, Muse It Up Publishing, Inc brings the Artica Lights series to life again with the release of Book Two of this compelling series...

REFLECTIONS OF ICE, by Multi-Published, Award Winning author Kat Holmes...with this amazing cover by gifted Muse Cover Artist Suzannah Safi.

For those of you who read the first in this series,

FROZEN, you'll remember this cover done very early in Muse's ever growing nova-like presence on the e-pub and print book scene.

Awni is the Queen of Artica and FROZEN tells her story. Elric, is her right-hand man, and REFLECTIONS OF ICE is his story.

Artica is a beautiful land of perpetual ice and snow. The trees glisten with the sparkling diamond points of feathery crystals, some ice, some snow.

It's a harsh land, overseen by the god Tichi

but it is also filled with riches of spirit beyond imagination. Although Artica is somewhat medieval compared to today's twenty-first century standards it is rich in ways time has not forgotten.

This is a series ripe with surprises...some revealed in book one, some more in book two, but with many more to come.

Artica Lights...Kat Holmes is bringing to life a world you will want to visit time and time again...and luckily with the plots and stories she's planning the Artica Lights will be swirling into view many times in the months and years to come

REFLECTIONS OF ICE is the meantime, Tichi's blessings upon you and may your

Artica Lights swirl and enthrall while you wait.

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