Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Muse It Up Publishing, Inc is now entering its


SEVENTH month of stepping up to the plate and releasing winners.

Some of the releases are new books by authors with books already out there circumnavigating the publishing cosmos...others are by new authors following the path of stellar stardust straight to the world of Muse. And the TITLES...some make me blush, some make me laugh, and others make me want to find a

magic carpet and go for an adventurous ride into the many realms of Muse Land. Luckily all we need to do grab that carpet is buy a Muse book and lose myself in the world Musers create...


1.) Shortcomings, by Ginger Simpson

2.) Dioscuri by Chrystalla Thoma

3.) Sunshine Boulevard by J.Q. Rose

4.) More Stately Mansion by John Rosenman

5.) The Pendulum Swings,, L.J. Holmes

6.) Rast by Christopher Hoare

7.) Stranger on the Shore by Roseanne Dowell

8.) Eros' First Fix by Dana Littlejohn

9.) The Chameleon's Bite by Erika Gilbert

10.) Primordial: The Heart of the Amazon by Karen McGrath

11.) Ruin's Discovery by Janie Franz

12.) Frozen by Kat Holmes

13.) The Lycan Moon by S. Durham

14.) In the Beginning by Hugh Fox

15.) Parmeneters Wager by Terri Main

16.) Sleeping With Her Enemy by Pat Dale

17.) Becoming Nadia by Cyrus Keith

18.) Jerri Bittle by J. Rose Knight

19.) Nearly Wed and Newly Dead by Carlie Angelius

20.) 206 Kingston Street by David Philbin

21.) Odessa, by Rebecca Ryals Russell

These two months released some of Muse's finest authors, but life is both giving and taking...and some of these authors are no longer here to continue weaving their magic..and they are


Our first touch of loss came very early when

Aydin Kendell Hopson, a little baby, son to our brother Kevin Hopson and his beautiful wife Gunes, touched us briefly, but indelibly. Aydin is an

angel watching over all of us. His passing brought all of us crashing down to reality, but he will never be farther than the beat of each of our hearts away. (Kevin and Gunes Hopson gave birth to Aydin's Brother

SKYLER BLUE HOPSON on October 23, 2011...reminding us that even in darkness light will find its place.

Happy Birthday Sky and thank you Kevin and Gunes for sharing your strength, and beauty with the rest of us.)

Our second loss came after a long battle we thought she was winning...not a day passes we do not think of her, miss her, and cherish our memories of her.

 Karen McGrath...God Sweetie, but I miss you. Your beautiful spirit is here in the stories you wrote, the ones we'll never read because you left too soon

the others you edited, and in every breath all of us continue to take who were so deeply touched by your presence.

Hugh Fox...Lord you were here one minute and gone the warning...just poof...gone! I HATE cancer!

Finally Nan D. Arnold...your book Garnet Gale Gets Her Man did not release until March 2012, thankfully before your angels released you from the long battle and pain you endured with courage and grace. I REALLY HATE CANCER!

So I end this posting humbly

honoring those who have passed and those who are currently battling for time...time to smile once more at a loved one...time to reach out and touch a stranger's heart...time to write just one more story...or two...and...


You are all our inspiration...and oh how profoundly you have inspired us all.

May and June 2011 are coming as Muse moves further towards her first birthday. I hope you'll come back and share the memories once more.


Beth Overmyer said...

Lovely post.

May those who have left us never be forgotten.

<3 Beth

Alix Richards said...

Wonderfully done and beautifully worded, as always dear Lin. They may be gone from our physical eyes, but they still dwell in our hearts. <3 <3

Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

I agree, and it's nice to see you back in swing again also.

Anonymous said...

A very nice and touching post. I enjoyed it, especially since your words reminded me of the frailty and beauty of life.

SS Hampton, Sr.
MIU Author

Cheryl said...

So good to know they may be gone but are still remembered. Thanks, Lin.

Lorrie said...

May they all be rememberd through their legacy. The books they wrote will forever remain with us.

Beautiful post, Lin

J Q Rose said...

A touching tribute to the ones who passed. How special to have memories to keep in our hearts. Karen was my editor for that March release. I learned so much from her and was blessed to call her a friend.
Thanks, Lin, for your generous heart.

Lin said...

Thank you all for helping me remember and pay tribute to what makes Muse truly special. Love y'all.

Christy McKee said...

I'm certain those who have departed still know the warmth of your friendship and the generosity of your spirit.

Lin said...

That's very sweet of you, Christy. I didn't know Karen long...she left so soon, but I got very close with her in that time. She and I shared a similar past...and since I am a cancer survivor, not once but twice, I prayed hard she'd survive too. We thought she HAD made it through and was recovering...then just like that, she turned critical and was gone. I miss her so much. I've become friends with her husband and daughter. Through them I stay connected to this remarkable woman. Aydin...I am so awed by the strength Kevin and Gunes Hopson showed during what I, as a parent, know can break spirirts. I didn't know the other two personally, but I've read Nan D. Arnold's book and I felt her energy, her creativity, and her passion in her words. The reading world has lost a gifted voice.