Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Friday, October 12, 2012


What an amazing time those first few months proved to be.



December 2010 and

January 2011.

I wonder how many other fledgling publishing houses accomplished as much as quickly as Muse It Publishing did?

Before I slip into regaling one and all with the releases Muse It Up brought forth for

I have to stop and do a bit of backtracking. The the three months Muse existed in

2010, it released...some would say...a modest


and yet with ONLY those three months to impact upon the reading world when

Preditors and Editors 2010 Readers Poll finals were announced MIU claimed 22...that's

top ten award winners.

Now this poll is for

EVERY BOOK RELEASED throughout All of 2010...yet Muse comes in at the tail end of the year, and sweeps up the awards just like a

Super Nova sweeps the sky around it of all competition.

My own debut book SANTA IS A LADY released on December 1st, giving it ONLY four weeks in the public domain, took

FIFTH place in its category.

Like everyone else who captured an award for 2010, I am still awed by my accomplishment and MIU's.

So moving on to February 2011, Muse was ready and more than able to bring more excellent

reading opportunities to the e-world at large.

Our Muse authors brought stories to life about



frustrated lawyers, mixed up

rock stars, men who get catapulted from modern times back to the days of

Renaissance Italy, out-of-this world space crews, Greek tyrants disguised as husbands,

odd scary dudes with a affinity for cartilage and marrow, and a sweet, and tender spirited creation of

artificial intelligence, just to name a few. So let's take a look at the wide and wondrous range of MIU and it's gifted authors.

1.) We start with BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY WOLF by Kay Dee Royal

2.) TEARS ON A TRANQUIL LAKE by Marsha A. Moore

3.) SHADOWS STEAL THE LIGHT by Christine London

4.) SEE NO EVIL by Kendra Mei Chailyn

5.) CRIMSON DREAM by David J. Normoyle

6.) THE KING OF SILK by Joe Douglas Trent

7.) EARTHLY FORCES by Kevin Hopson

8.) CREWKIN by Rhobin Courtright

9.) WRITTEN IN STONE by Viviane Brentanos

10.) CODY AND THE ELF by Antonia Tiranth

11.) THE BONE LORD by William D. Cornwell III

12.) FOREVER WITH YOU by L.J. Holmes

13.) NORMAN by Craig Gehring


IF I were sitting with a polygraph attached to my body I would not set the

graphing stylus into overload when I admit I HAVE read many of these titles...and yeah...wrote one too.

What have I read...?

BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY very FIRST Kay Dee Royal. It quickly convinced me to make this ONLY the first. A well crafted tale of werewolves, adoption, and duty...with some hot and steamy passion thrown in to keep you melting into the seat beneath you by this gifted talent.

SHADOWS STEAL THE LIGHT...Truth here requires a really, really BIG confession...I had already read some of Christine London's books with OTHER publishers before I picked this one up. I so loved her storytelling voice with those other books I knew I HAD to read this...and I was not disappointed in the least. If you have not found your way to Christine London...boy are you missing out on some fine reading!

EARTHLY FORCES...A part of me sought out Kevin Hopson's book because I admired his strength of character, and of course

a lighthouse being on the cover was an extra lure. I am not usually a fan of dark forces and EARTHLY FORCES gives us the dark belly of what is beyond the obvious, quite powerfully. Naturally I became an avid Kevin Hopson fan early on and have not deviated from it since....

thankfully Kevin is a VERY prolific Muse It Up Author.

CREWKIN...Rhobin Courtwright gives us science fiction that ranks way up there with the likes of

Isaac Asimov...not at all a bad author to be compared to, dontcha think?...I have only one complaint...Rhobin, when will you be back with your next sci-fi book? Your fans are eagerly waiting.

NORMAN...My daughter, award winning author

Kat Holmes...accuses me of being in love with Norman...and she may not be off the mark. Craig Ghering gives us the perfect

hearthrob in his fashioning of Norman. Norman knows all the right words and all the right attitudes to make women swoon...I suppose I should feel disappointment because...well Norman is locked inside the CPU of a computer...his being the AI wisdom behind the computer's circuitry...but I don't. He's just too delightful to be anything but a hero of sterling design.

I wrote FOREVER WITH YOU, so evaluating it makes me step into that area I have a

devil's own time participating in...boasting about me. BUT those who have read it and let me know what they think of it, tell me it's a story that made them hot and then left them with a surprise ending they cannot forget. You'll have to read it and see if they're right...oh...and if you do...please let me know what you think?

I have TEARS ON A TRANQUIL LAKE in my Kindle waiting for me to read...and although I haven't yet gotten to it, my daughter HAS read it and says it is fantastic. Since it's about a

mermaid who captures the attention of a LOT of males...irregardless of could it be anything else?

SEE NO EVIL...there are some books you just aren't called to read. I don't know why I find this title to be one of them...I have repeatedly stated the importance of good covers because they are our introduction to future reads...and I guess I don't find this cover powerful enough to even get me to inch forward and read the back cover...but as I stated in one of my earlier posts, my being a cover critic is probably not my strong suit since my dislike for an earlier cover did nothing to keep that story from hovering in first place for months and months and maybe this one has ratcheted into the stratosphere too.

CRIMSON DREAMS...I did a promotional blog for this book so know it is an excellent story by David J. Normoyle for our youth audience and teachers. As a former teacher I have no qualms about highly commending this book.


Time Travel following the adventures of Michael Patriate. He gets swooped back from modern times to the time when power was jealously and wickedly held in the hands of the Pope and his demonically corrupt family...a time when science more often than not was considered heresy and prosecuted accordingly.

WRITTEN IN STONE...Viviane Brentantos is another author I had the pleasure of reading PRIOR to her first MIU release and even though this book sits in my Kindle awaiting me, my daughter HAS read it...(She's a speed reader...I'm just your average slower than

reader)...Kat told me I will love it...and every now and then urges me to drop everything and just call it up. Life, unfortunately, has this annoying habit of getting in the way...but soon!

CODY AND THE ELF...Just as I did a promotional posting for David Normoyle, I did one for this story by Antonia Tiranth. Antonia is a gifted author of the

fantastic. She has several series about dragons with other publishers, and her first release from Muse ALSO dealt with dragons. Here she takes us on a journey into the realm of

elves and evil right-hand wizard to the human king.

THE BONE LORD...I'm going to leave this book by William Cornwell III to your imagination and the nerve chilling reaction you'll have to the book's cover. Just know you need to shield your bone marrow and cartilage from the monsters that come out at night after reading it. There are NO such things as SKELETON BUSTERS...unlike Ghost Busters!

That brings us to

of February 2011...and FIVE glorious months of Muse It Up Publishing books to lose yourself in. It also places

FORTY-ONE books out there for the world to enjoy.

Are you ready for

March 2011?

because March is just around the

multi-bytes from here and Muse It Up Publishing continues celebrating October 2012 and its

SECOND birthday.

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