Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Muse It Up Publishing amazes me. Prior to coming to MUI my daughter and I had the opportunity to observe

how other publishing houses operate.

Here at Muse, the one thing

Lea Schizas is adamant about is

TRANSPARENCY. Every move she made she discussed with us, the authors, seeking our opnions, She kept US

up-to-date on major decisions concerning us in our Muse's climb to success...such as why one vendor is better than the other...or why one approah to promoting has more potential to get our names out and our books sold.

Here at Muse, the

AUTHORS come first...and fortunately, most of the members of her other teams,


Cover Artist's  and

webmistress are authors as well...letting them know the issues we authors have and how to help guide us through them.

I'd never used TRACK CHANGER before...and in my naiveté, I fried my Editor's Track Changer.

MARVELous Lea swooped in and made it right.

I've been here and I have

 books out, with my daughter Kat Holmes having

so far. Not bad for two years, and such a thrill. Two years, yet we are as happy to be there as we were when we received our first contracts.

Are there growing pains...? Of course there are. Today we have over

 authors...and the quality of our books is still top notch...that's an amazing feat for a company that's grown so quickly.

Today I am going to present the books Muse released in


2011. More excellence...and more really great reads. When I am finished listing the titles and showing you their fantabulous covers, I will, once again talk about the ones I've read.

Here we go:

1.) A WEDDING TO DIE FOR (Book Two in the Alvarez Family Mysteries) By Heather Haven

2) DOUBLE THE TROUBLE by Roseanne Dowell

3.) SUBSPECIES (Book One in the Subspecies Series) by Mike Arsuaga

4.) PRINCESS FOR HIRE by Jamie Grey


6.) PERFECT TEN by Karina L. Fabian

7.) ASHES by Arlene Webb

8.) TWILIGHT COMES by...okay..L.J.

9.) DARK WIZARD by John Rosenman

10.) THE FORGET-ME-NOTS by Ginger Simpson

11.) THE FACE IN THE GLASS by Elizabeth Coldwell

12.) BETWIXT AND BETWEEN by Grace De Luca

13.) IN FROM THE COLD...okay L.J.

14.) COLD, COLD HEART by Viviane Brentanos

15.) GUILTY KISSES by Killarney Shefflield

16.) A SECOND CHANCE by Roseanne Dowell

17.) HOG WILD by Christine London (Sequel to Shadows Steal the Light)

18.) CITADEL OF WOMEN by Lisabet Sarai

19.) TRENCARROW SECRET by Anita Davison

new titles in two months...My God...Muse is

Time for Lin's truth...what have I read, what's on my Kindle to read and what I know because...yep...I'm on the inside..and I know puh-lenty secrets...Did I tell you I adore being at Muse...

Book One...A Wedding to Die For...I am reading it right now actually, I read book one...dontcha just LOVE Tugger, the important cat growing before our eyes on the cover? After reading Book One...Murder Is A Family Business I HAD to grab the sequel for my Kindle and I am

 able to find the time to read it. Time is my worst enemy. So much to do, so many books to many blogs to write...and so many friends to stay connected with on Face Book...I need to

clone me...Now THERE'S a scary thought...Just right for

Halloween Month!

Back to

Heather's Haven's masterfully crafted, humorous series. I will follow this writer wherever her creative voice leads me and you can't get better than that!.

Have not read DOUBLE THE TROUBLE, but have read many of this very prolific author's other books.

Roseanne Dowell has almost as many books with Muse as I do...and I think one or two more than Kat...but don't quote me on that. I haven't chacked that theory out...yet.If I read everything Roseanne Dowell releases I'd never be able to read anybody else's work...but she's good...OH MY GOD good!


Mike Arsuaga and several of the sequels to this series on my Kindle just waiting, patiently, for me to find some forgotten time...You know how you'll bring out your winter coat, thrust your hand into the pockets and pull out a long forgetten tenner? I need to find a pocket where I've stuffed some time.

Haven't read PRINCESS FOR HIRE by

Jamie Grey yet, or MAGIC IS FASTER THAN LIGHT by

James Hartley either, but just like Subspecies, they're waiting for me. I HAVE read several James Hartley books and I WILL read this and his many books that follow. Like Roseanne Dowell, if I read everything he writes I'd never have time to play chase with my kitty

Spatz, and she would get really ticked at me if I stopped playing Chase the Kitty with her.

Haven't read PERFECT TEN by

Karina L. Fabian, but I've talked to people who have and they HIGHLY recommend this book. Since these are people I trust, I HIGHLY recommend this book.

(...who can fill me in.)


Arlene Webb...I LOVE this cover. It's such an amazing cover, so of course it's on my Kindle. It's a BIG book so I am holding it in the wings for when I have a LOT of

I'm one of these readers who does not like being distracted once I start a I need about 24 solid hours free of any other chores...and then I will have my nose buried on my Kindle while my eyes happily

TWILIGHT COMES is one of my own books.

Kinda cute ain't I? Okay several odd years ago...but I'm still this cute in my memories.

This was a difficult book to write and even harder to promote. I'm not going to give away what the story is about...except to tell you it's dark...and those who've read it tell me it's haunting.

Have not read DARK WIZARD by

John Rosenman, but I have it.There are several authors who write almost as often as Kat and me. Roseanne Dowell, James Hartley, Ginger Simpson, John Rosenman, and Frank Scully, just to name a few. My fanny

would end up widening and molding permently to my chair if I read everything these prolific authors put out as they put them out, but I have a standing promise with myself to read them...soon.

And that makes a great segue for the next book THE FORGET-ME-NOTS by

Ginger Simpson. Ginger. you know how many of your books I've read and reviewed I PROMISE I WILL read this one too.You gotta hate someone who writes so danged many books you know you're gonna love but can't find enough time to get on the ball!


Elizabeth Coldwell is another I have not read...but I LOVE the cover and that is what lures me into reading I WILL read this...before very long.


Grace De Luca is one of the first YA books I read...and I can tell you, it's a story that every adult should read too. I'm a retired teacher and all I can say is EXCEPTIONAL.

IN FROM THE COLD is another "ME" written book.

What can I say...when you get the itch to write you'd BETTER scratch it!

This book is somewhat autobiographical..and even though the cover, my second

Jimmy Thomas cove,r is a bit ridiculous...the story takes place in the  mountains in October, but he and his female model are dressed for the beach, this was a fun book AND a difficult book to write. I DID love introducing Timp, fashioned after

Spatz as the heroine's best friend into this tale.

I am SO IN LOVE with the cover for

Viviane Brentano's COLD, COLD HEART! How could I not be? It is such a powerfully stark cover. This will not be the first VIV book I will have read. I've even read some of her books with another publisher...and let me say....BRILLIANT! Yeppers...this one IS on my Kindle.


Killarney are gonna LOVE this book. The cat drew me...Killarney's storytelling magic held me.


Roseanne it, loved it, recommend it.


Christine London...this is a sequel to SHADOWS STEAL THE LIGHT. Both are powerful books, but then everything I have read of Christine London's here at Muse and elsewhere have blown me away. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this author! Keep 'em coming Christine.

The next book took me on an AMAZING journey. I do not know how to adequately describe the power radiating from CITADEL OF WOMEN by

Lisabet Sarai, and in that limitation I am failing her and you the readers of words I just cannot find. I'm dyslexic so I suppose I COULD create my own words, but doubt you, the reader would knwo what I was trying to say, sicne I don't know any words...even ones I can effectively scramble to express how good this book is. All I can do is say READ IT, won't regret it.

Finally, for this posting, we have TRENCARROW SECRET by

Anita Davison. I am haunted by the exquisite beauty of this it is on my Kindle. Others have told me its an exquisite read, so I will parody their words...IT'S AN EXQUISITE READ.

That's a lot of books to talk about. So far Muse has hit the ground running and is picking up speed...passing some of the long standing publishers,

grabbing awards and making news...and there's a lot more stuff to come NO publisher before ever attempted...But this is

Muse It Up Publishing...and we're encouraged to

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX...and Lea shows us the way.

Happy Birthday to ALL of us Musers...we're setting the world on fire.

Come back for

July and 

August 2011 next...and keep coming back.

September is coming...and

OCTOBER 2011 the

FIRST YEAR CELEBRATION OF MIU-THE POWER OF TRUTH...and what truth I have to share.

But even then we won't be done. Year TWO is still heading our way...Phew...will I have any of that TIME left to get it all in?

You'll have to keep checking back and see,


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Okay, so you pulled this out of the closet, like a wonderful memory and are sharing it so we all get to remember also...I love that:)

Give it a good shake, Lin, and it won't take long for this place to fill to the hilt with celebration fun and Muse It Up me;)

Thanks for reminding us of who we are and the wonderful publisher for which we write our best:)

Cyrus Keith said...

Lin, it's great to see you back in top form!
Awesome recommendations, and I remember when these came out.

Nancy M Bell said...

Wonderful masterpiece of stationary trailer as always Lin. Hugs to you and Kat and all the kitties. I am very honoured to have edited quite a few of those books. Thanks to my authors for wonderful stories.


S. Durham Author said...

Lin you hit the nail on the head in describing Lea as using transparency when starting the business, to be honest with us and include us in decisions made, is refreshing and appreciated always. And the editors, well they are invaluable arn't they?! Wonderful list of books, and though I haven't read all of them either, I hope to eventually. Twilight Comes sounds intriguing for sure. Great pics, and thanks always for your unique and entertaining blog posts!

Hugs, Sara

J Q Rose said...

Lin, you amaze me! All these books and even the authors' pictures too. How do you do it, Grrrrrlll?? Great job. I was surprised at the number of books in this list I have already enjoyed. Looking forward to more.

Heather Haven said...

This is FABULOUS! I found myself reading the entire thing, not once but twice. A real wrap-up of Muse and its inhabitants. I love your comments about each of us. Makes it not only personal from your point of view, but from ours. Lastly, thank you for your generous, generous words about me and my work. I will try to live up to them.

Lin said...

Okay...time for me to respond...Cyrus, no one knows better than you how far Kat and I have come. Thank you for standing with us as we made the trek...and for your praise here. are one of the first members of the Msue family Kat and I adopted into our hearts as well as our Kindle. Nancy you are one of the major reasons Muse is more than just a place for our books to find their wings. Not many outsiders understand the great love Kat and I feel for our Muse family...but then, they don't know you, Nancy, Lea, Litsa Cyrus, Karen, Heather, JQ, Jim, Ginger, The Barbaras, Kay Dee, Chrystalla,Nika, C.K., John, Frank, Graeme, Brian, Susan, Rosalie, Danielle, JD, Penny, Greta, Chris, Grace and so many others we share our Muse world with. You are all why I spend long days doing these blogs.

JQ...I spend hours hunting here there and everywhere until I find what I need. I know it's all out there...I just have to stick with it. How could I possibly do less for all of my Muse family?

Heather...Darling Girl, you already have.