Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Friday, February 4, 2011


Friday, February 4, 2011

Forever with You – Blurb, Excerpt, Review

Forever with You
Author: L.J. Holmes
Genre: Contemporary Romance Erotica - Naughty but Nice!
Release: February 1, 2011
Cover artist: Delilah K. Stephans
Word count: 3912
Pages: 19
ISBN: 978-1-926931-37-1
Warning: This has SOME sexual and mild sexual content.
Reviewer: Kay Dee Royal

Coryne reluctantly hired, for her own peace of mind, the all too handsome Keith Patterson and his crew to build a very special house on her time limits.

Moving a small camper trailer to the site, Coryne keeps a close eye on the progress. Problem with that is she also is forced to be in close proximity to that very handsome, all too deliciously seductive Keith Patterson.

Resisting him is a full time job, and one she would have had enough trouble handling, but he made it harder because he let her know he was not at all adverse to the temptation she poses. She must resist...mustn't she?

Follow Coryne and Keith right to the very surprising ending and Coryne's "Forever With You" moment.

She lifted her tank top over her head and her full breasts puckered and tightened in the light breeze playing through the trees. The biker shorts, hugging her womanly curves, and her lacy, blue panties followed, as did the band in her hair and the sandals on her feet.

Gracefully, she dove deeply into the cold mountain water. Her whole body tingled. She loved swimming. In the city she’d been forced to always go somewhere where she was required to wear some form of suit. But here, there were no neighbors to be incensed by her boldness, nor any dirty, old men drooling over the slightest hint of her ripened cleavage.

She swam with vigor, stretching her body to its limits before turning over to float and indulge in some mindless woolgathering, her wet, black hair fanned out around her.

Book Review:
Coryne, a reputable attorney fighting for abused women clients, comes into money, enough she hires an architect, Keith, who builds her a custom-made home.

Keith’s haunting sexy body appeals to her in every way, with the exception of one…Coryne’s ‘Forever-With-You’ love.  What is Coryne’s heart truth, and will she stand strong in it?

Ms. Holmes pulls from a believable relationship situation and creates an interesting, heart-touching story. She glides the reader along in the story through Coryne’s eyes, and it all comes together in a satisfying twist-of-fate ending. Beautiful!

Nice, feel-good story and a quick read, worthy of the time to read it. I enjoyed this story, and recommend that you will also.

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(Quite the play list, L.J. - Congratulations on all!)

Happy Reading!
Kay Dee

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