Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Sunday, March 6, 2011


You all remember this charming beauty from my first tribute

to Sluggery, don't you? Yes, the very exquisite slug that is, of course moi!

As of now, I must expand my sluggerizing to find an equally elegant slug to join me in this intriguing world. Will I succeed, or, curses, fail?

Hmmm. Are their possibly two species of slugs that don't make you want to...well run screaming into the distant night the moment you see them?

I MUST find an equally elegant slug. This one, to honor Lea, my beloved but

flu-ey sluggish editor. Anyone want to make

a wager on my success?

I have great faith in me and my tenacity.

Definitely NOT these guys, right? Lea we are BOTH prettier than them...they make me want to say YUCK!

This one is cute in a charcoal sketchy way.

And these guys look like they want to rhumba together. Never knew just how entertaining slugs could be, did you?

These guys look like they're about to play a BIG joke on us all. Not sure I'd want them popping out of my garden any time soon.

Finally, one that MIGHT fit the bill. Elegant AND blue! It almost looks like hieroglyphics on its butt end too. Elegant AND educational. Defintely a possible Lea-Slug. You are, Dear Lea, both educational and exquisite.

For some reason though, Sea slugs are the most...ethereal. Why is that? Think the water fluttering around them might have something to do with that?

Okay, let's get serious. Lea, you are feeling mighty sluggish, so let's see if I can find the perfect specimen for your current condition.

How about this one? It looks down and out, doesn't it?

Of course when I am feeling drained I don't always want to crawl into my shell and quietly fade into misery. Wonder where a slug would find a bat, though?

This is just one weird looking slug. Not exactly sure what its message is. Anyone care to speculate?

This guy looks like he forgot slugs are supposed to forgo winter...think he's having fun though? The caption that was beneath him claimed he's a Holiday Slug. If this guy reared his head near my Holiday Cheer, I'd be giving up

on the egg nog...forever!

Oh My...Lea...I hate to break this to too, Kat, but I just found out

slugs LOVE chocolate!

Ultimately, I guess the cutest slugs are those that didn't

start out their lives as slugs. Knit one pearl two, anyone?


Roseanne Dowell said...

Too cute, Lin

Lin said...

I'm not sure why Lea had trouble leaving a comment. Maybe the weather in our area tonight is causing grief.

I love you, Lea. I'll share sluggery with you anytime, Sweetie.

Kat said...

LOL that's funny.

J Q Rose said...

Hey, slugs love beer too, but it is their downfall. We put lids full of beer in our garden and the little drinkers jump in and die..Hiccup...Hope chocolate can't do that too!!