Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Friday, May 20, 2011

Aliens Walking Among us

With all the talk lately about

aliens walking among us and

taking over,

I had to do my own investigation.


what I learned. There really ARE aliens

walking among us and I have the pictures. I saw this guy above and felt my innards clench. Is this ONE creature, or a walking COCOON of creatures?

Just a word of caution, what you are about to see is going to scare the knickers right out from under you.

Caught these two wandering around watching the night sky and may I say, they are just too perverse for words. Seriously, have you ever seen anything scarier?

This next one, I have taken to scientists everywhere. They are in sharp disagreement over what I captured here...

...Alien exercises in mimicry, or the alien version of "Let's Hide the Salami."

Nefarious creatures I can tell you, and cunning. I'm beginning to think they may actually be

...<gulp>...chameleon's because I actually found some looking all too

"human-like" for my peace of mind.

Worse, I suspect some have been posing for a REALLY long time. Take a look and tell me these are not REALLY scary aliens!

I'm not sure what it is about that one that makes me think ALIEN...

the hair maybe?

Do you think it's contagious?

Must we hide? And If so where?

Do you think they are...

heaven help us...

...experimenting on us?

Turning us into something...


I don't know about you, but I'm going

to hide.

P.S. After reading my report, I received an URGENT e-mail from Jim Hartley with this UPDATE

He has PROOF, we are being experimented upon.

I give you Jim's indisputable evidence that all is Not good on planet Earth...except, then again...half the human population might just think THIS is an improvement.


This just came through my desk. OH MY it's TRUE Little Martianesque Men HAVE landed!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Once upon a time, I promised to dig out the poem that I wrote back in my days of assembly-line poetry that actually got published.

This is not a poem I wrote for my then editor and agent. They wanted nothing but slam, bam, thank you ma'm kind of other words almost X-rated poems that spoke of nothing more substantial that conveyor belt junk.
(Irritating Nudge at your service.)

My inner voice, I affectionally call "Irritating Nudge" HATES writing poetry, but gave me this one like we were both meant to bring it forth...

So here it is: But first an appropriate visual image from someone far more creative than me, to get us all in the mood for my least favorite personal genrĂ© OWN poetry...

(Broken Heart-By Mary Coffey)

By Lin Holmes

Broken dreams are haunting me,
Shattered remnants of what used to be,
Wondrous moments of our ecstasy,
Have eroded the soul of our unity.

Promises you made, fell by the side,
You gave me no choice, but to think you'd lied,
All the tears that my eyes have cried,
Know this is the truth, that can't be denied.

I ache to be, the way we used to be,
Back when you promised me eternity,
When our hearts beat, in tender harmony,
Back before you'd broken me.

The Artwork BROKEN HEART is by Mary Coffey.
I want to thank her for allowing me to use her artistry here with my poem.
She can be found on Face Book at:

And here's some more of her amazing work:

(Angel Heart)

(On Top of the Wolrd)


(The World At Your Feet)

Most Appreciatively Yours,
Keep them coming!

And for those that want to hear music
Broken by
Seether and Amy Lee

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Muse Has Cover Logos and Muse News is here to Announce It

Karen Coté,

The Goddess of Muse News. Karen is not aware I mean to make the following annoucement public let me hurry and introduce to you our Goddess of Muse News' banner for her own soon to be released book.

The banner was designed by Jim Hartley our talented Muse Marvel Marker, otherwise known as

Super Jim.

This is our renowned Cover Art Goddess as you have come to know her.

But Delilah K. Stephans, now in her second year of guiding the Muse Visual panorama, is morphing right before our eyes, from the wizardry of abstraction we have been admiring and drooling over...I mean seriously...

Have you

SEEN our

Muse Covers?

We may not

be a company with years and years under our belt, but she brings us



intricacy far beyond what one expects from a

Freshman Goddess,

but oh


Mount Olympus,

does she

have her stuff

down pat...

with mastery

of all methods

of artistic design.

The Goddess of Muse News commissioned me

the Muse Oracle on the Hot Side of things (as created by Super Jim,) to use my blog and brag about our Cover Art Goddess. I am also here to introduce you to her new much clearer, at least for we, who know and adore her, image for all of you to see just how beautiful she is.

First let me introduce Delilah's Book Logos that will now appear on all covers. Those that are releasing from our

Muse It Up (Mainstream side) will have the following graphic so you will know as soon as you see it it's MUSE IT UP...

drum roll please....
And from the

Muse It Hot Side of Muse Publishing, Inc, meet our smoking logo...

This is the image of our Delilah we've all come to know for a year now...but Delilah has grown...

And here she is ready to dazzle you with even more color, design and splendor.

It is my immense pleasure to introduce the constantly evolving Muse COVER ART GODDESS of today

I also have the privilege of showing you the first of the NEW Delilah Covers from this her sophmore year.

Another drum roll please...





Welcome our Evolved Goddess. We bow before you,
And thank you

Goddess of Muse News for allowing me to be the one to introduce our Cover Art Goddess's latest.

But before I go, I have a teaser.
Here's an up and coming Delilah special...

...can you guess what it's for?