Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Life spent hungering for blood and something much darker, danker. Growing up in the city the closest one has to such places are

alleyways breeding

rats the size of

Sherman tanks, and

smelly drunks hovering in their own urine bathed cardboard hovels on the edges of the grates leading to the city's sewer system.

What does little Johnnie, or Janie Ghoul, growing up in the lap of upper Richovia do?

Bloodlust thunders in the their maturing veins as does the need for the

darker, danker elements of life's existence. They COULD slip away from the bright lights, the seductions of well crafted

Corinthian leather to mold their butt cheeks,

imported velvets and silks for the rest of their expensively pampered flesh and do like their less

austere seekers of bloodlust do, but they have images to maintain....images that require a level of delusional propriety.

Bloodlust alone will not sate them...their fangs cannot elongate to puncture the unwary victims they long to claim dominion over, more's the pity.

Solution? Create a need for them to do what their hick brothers do naturally and make it

LIFE SAVING for their dominion. Have the victims be

GRATEFUL to them for their lusting mistreatment. What could be better?

Enter the gastroenterologist armed with the the colonoscopy probe we are told is a vital need for us all because blood and poo together make these doctors

grin with unholy

glee knowing they have found another vein for mining their personal

fonts of perverted  gold,



and lust.

Has any one done a study to see if the number of these invasive minings goes up during October? That should prove quite enlightening.

From this day forward I dub October Ghoul Gastroenterology Blood and Poo Month.

Trick or Treat?



gail roughton branan said...

You know the theory that Jack the Ripper was a doctor, right?

Lin said...

Precision removal of organs...yes. The craziest people in the world are psychiatrists too.

Last October everyone seemed to be be headed for the gastro driller. Of course me, I'll have another one over my dead body. Two of them almost back-to-back, one with TWILIGHT sleep...(yeah right)...and the other with NO anesthesia convinced me...over my dead body!

Wendy said...

oh ah. Ugly. I'll never look at October in the same way again. :)

Thank goodness none of my family has a b'day this month

One particular image stood out more than the others. Grose (?sp)
You certainly have a way with words and images Lin.

I'll need an anaesthetic just to re read this. hahaha.

All joking aside, I'm sorry for your plight and hope you never have to go through it again.