Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Welcome to volume THREE of the

Sluggery Saga. For those of you who were not with Muse during the first two journey's into SLUGGERY, I will include the urls for both at the end of this volume. it a way of life here in the Holmes mansion? Hmmm Kat seems to think she is currently being a HUGE slug. I've tried to convince her I already have ownership of that designation, but three months of being as ill as she is tends to skew your brains ability to fire on all its

synapses. What other reason would SHE the Queen of never slacking off, have for calling herself a slug?

If there were a category in the

Olympics for Sluggery, I would be a multiple

gold medal winner, but let's humor Kat...she IS sick...and show her the error of her ways.

As the SLUG of ALL Slugs let me reintroduce the slug that is me. 

Yes! I'm favorite color, and not half bad looking as slugs go. (Come close...closer. I'll let you in on my secret...Did you know they have plastic surgery for slugs? And dye jobs?...They do! I swear! The only thing is, we cannot wallow in our hospital beds with saline drips running in know...see saline is salt and salt and slugs...we're not all that compatible.) Okay the head needs some shrinking and the tail...I promise I am not a scorpion beneath the plastic surgery despite my tail.

Oh My I'm getting off topic...Kat and HER sluggery. Wanna see a kitty slug? Tought you might.

And in this corner we have the slug challenger Kat Holmes. Ain't she just too cute for words? Even I have to admit, looks-wise she's got me beat. Hmmm I guess it's time for me to make another appointment with Dr. Slug 'N' Tuck. Can plastic surgeons shrink heads? I always thought I'd have to hightail it over and consult with Dr. Sigmond Q. Synapse-Squeezer for that...but maybe?

OKAY...concentrate! Kat...she is one LOVELY slug, isn't she? Seriously, there are some BUTT ugly slugs in the world...those who eschew going under the redesigner's knife, especially.

Think I'm kidding?

How's this guy at turning your stomach?

Or this one?

Not gross enough...never fear, I am diligent in my pursuit of proving Kat cannot claim my righteous title, but with one extra distinction...we are CUTER than your average slug contenders.

But she was not addressing her exquisite exterior when she lamented her sluggery. NOPE...she thinks she's


But alas, we keep coming back to the one indisputable fact...Kat has been battling a nastier than any slug

bunch of germs for THREE months. Her body is busy fighting THOSE beasties, and yet she still works hard at her appointed role because...

She will NOT let Lea, Muse, or, ME, her sluggy Mom down no matter what.

So Kat...sorry you fail the ultimate test of sluggery.

Just get better, Sweetie.

Volume One...Sluggery, Thy Name is Me
Volume Two...Sluggery Revisited


Kat said...

You are way too funny.:-)

gail roughton branan said...

Made you laugh, didn't she? And what's the best medicine? Hmm... My point exactly. Love!