Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Friday, July 26, 2013


Yepper...Kat and I are 

celebrating....and we're 

HOWLING from the top of our lungs...which means we are ready to 

GIVE away...

Not your TYPICAL give-away...everybody gives away books..UN-uh...We're giving away 

Ladybug Lin Reviews for your most recent books.

Here's the deal...We're giving away 

ONE: YA review 


ONE HOT review. 

All ya gotta do is 

check out our new 

Author's Pages over at the new 

Muse It Up Book Store Throughout the 

Month of August, come back here and leave a comment letting us know which of our books listed there interests you the most and why, what genre you write and then be ready on 

September 1st when the winners are announce to have your e-mail's ready so we can tell you what we need from you to fulfill the review offer. 


Why are we doing this? Our Publisher is about to 

launch a brand NEW, absolutely 

FANTASTIC website and this is our way of 


We've already been in to 

peek at what 

Lea Schizas, our intrepid leader has done with our 

Author's pages and they are PHENOMENAL...but before I continue, there really are 

THREE, you know...YEP...there's mine as a solo author...L.J.Holmes and Kat's as a solo author, just Kat Holmes, and then....READY FOR THIS, there's Kat Holmes and L.J. Holmes together since we THREE 

phantasmagorical author's pages for you to browse and make your picks from. All can be found via the Muse It Up Website. 

Aren't we generous?

Let me reiterate...

THREE REVIEWS are being offered here...the reviews will be posted for Muse authors on 




GOODREADS as well as 

LADYBUG LIN'S EXCEPTIONAL REVIEWS, for everyone else they will be posted on all the same sites except Muse...however, if YOUR publisher has a place for reviews and you share the URL, I will place the review on your buy page as well.

Sound fair?

Okay let's get started. You can enter as many times as you want. Just make certain each entry clearly states which genre you are entering for....and then be here on 

September 1st for the names of the winners.

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