Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Before I begin I should admit I am a long time fan of Fractals. I never thought I'd come across an artist who could come this close to duplicating the magic of fractal imaging, but Mary Coffey has done that and more.

Magic. Her work leaves me so breathless I HAVE to share it...READY?


This woman's talent is absolutely breathtaking. Next is AGE OF AQUARIUS.

Makes me wish I was not a Sagitarius.

I am an author. I paint with words...What I would not give to have Mary Coffey's talents. I can't even draw a straight line...even if I have a ruler. I WISH I were kidding.

Shall we move on? This one is WONDERLAND and I absolutely love it!

A lot of Mary's work is almost this next one, aptly named: A CRYSTAL CHILD

It's very hard for me to choose only a few from the myriad of works Mary has shared with the world so far. Every one of them speaks to a deep part of who I am...and isn't that what any creative work should do?

This next masterpiece is entitled...TANGO IN SIDE

Normally I am not a big fan of abstract art...but Mary's creations do not seem abstract to me. Somewhat fractal? Perhaps, but most definitely powerful.

Like this next one appropriately named: ABUNDANCE

I have spent a lot of time looking at Mary's work wondering how she does it...There are so many images within the images...and here's another that just speaks loudly to me...BY ANY OTHER NAME

But it's NOT a it? And does resemble flowers.

Have I mentioned that I'm in awe of Mary Coffey? THE RECONNECTION shows why...

Every time I turn around, Mary is presenting more and more of her brilliance...this next one she calls A DASH OF SALT...

Is this how salt would appear under a microscope? I'd like to think so. Imagine the wonder of knowing every time you add a sprinkle of salt to your food, you'd be coloring your meal and your body with such a cornucopia of beauty.

Magical is her stunning HEAR MY SONG

I regret not having enough room to showcase all of Mary's mesmerizing works, but I will close on THIS masterpiece that hopefully says it all for all of us...


Sunday, March 3, 2013


I went into the recent sale list of MuseItUp Books and found myself wondering why some books set the world on fire and others don't? I find this whole process of what it takes to lure readers most confusing...I truly wish to understand it.

I'm a book cover hound myself. If the cover sucks, I'll pass it by every time.

So I decided to conduct a survey...I'm going to post some covers of the MuseItUp books in the top ten and above sales right now and you tell me, based on the covers, which you are drawn to. I want to see if COVERS are what makes them popular. we go...and these are in no order...




OK...the covers shown here are not copied in any particular way...except how I was able to copy and paste them here. Some are bigger than others, but that means nothing except I couldn't find the smaller ones in bigger formats...for that I DO apologize.

Now I leave it to you, my viewers to tell me if you are drawn to buy based on the covers alone...and if you are, please tell me which ones you are tempted to buy based SOLELY on the covers.