Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Monday, February 17, 2014


Short and bone chilling. No body does it with more panache than Muse It Up Publishing's Master of the Chill, 

Kevin Hopson...And he's doing it AGAIN with...


Grab your security blankets kids, the Master is about to unleash another..."I want my Mommy" short guaranteed to send chills up and down your spine, make you sleep with your lights on for the next millennium, and cry like a baby the moment the first star lights up the encroaching night sky.

Kevin Hopson takes a seemingly miniscule 33 pages, ladles on the bone-chilling whimpers, scarefesting backdrops, and a knoweldge of words any Count related to the 

Lugosi-Man himself.

THE LANDFILL, written by Kevin Hopson, breathtakingly frightening cover by Muse It Up Publishing's HEAD Cover Artist, Suzannah Safi, is releasing on 

April 4th from Muse It Up Publishing, Inc and promises to continue Mr. Hopson's nerve shattering legacy. (Trust me, this is NOT going to be an April Fool because no 

Harelequin in oddly designed hat can terrify you to your roots the way THE LANDFILL will.)

How do I know this? I'm Ladybug Lin and I got my now quivering little tendrils on an early copy. I JUST finished reading it...and I am shuddering so hard while typing this, my spine is running, like the yellow-bellied coward it is, fast and furious in the other direction.

Don't believe me?

Then you just take a sec and read THIS...(hang on. Wanna make sure the rest of the story isn't chasing this EXCERPT)'s safe...enough. So are you ready?

You feel like being adventurous?” A rare burst of energy came over Billy.
“Maybe,” Connor replied with a drawn-out voice. “What are you thinking?”
“Take a left up here on River Road.”
Connor perked up, slowing the vehicle and making a left onto the road. “You actually want to hang out at the river?”
“Not quite.”
“Then where are we going?” Connor turned to look at him. Billy could tell his friend was putting the pieces of the puzzle together. “Wait. We’re not going to that landfill, are we?”
“Yeah. Why not?” Even with what his father had told him, Billy was captivated at the thought of checking it out. “Let’s do it,” he said with excitement.
“We don’t even know how to get there.”
“This road runs parallel with the river,” Billy commented, “and it can’t be more than a couple miles.”
“All right,” Connor said. “I’m only doing this for you, though.”
A few minutes passed and Billy continued to watch with eagerness, waiting for a sign as to which direction to go. He noticed a light making its way through a small forest of evergreens to their left. The source of illumination came from an elevated position, possibly atop the nearby hill. Billy scanned the area in front of them as well as the trees off to the side.
“Slow down,” Billy demanded.
Connor brought the SUV to a crawl.
“It has to be over there.” Billy pointed to his left where the light shined through the tops of the trees. “Do you see a road that goes up there?”
Connor stopped the vehicle. “I don’t see anything but woods.”
“Do you have a flashlight?”
“Yeah. Why?”
“I’m going to get out and take a look,” Billy said.
“In the glove compartment,” Connor noted.
Billy snatched the mini flashlight from the glove compartment and stepped out of the vehicle. He left the door open, making Connor visible inside. Shining the light along the edge of the pavement, Billy spotted a crude road. Made primarily of dirt, it curved through the forest like a serpentine and didn’t appear to have any guardrails.
“Put your brights on,” Billy said, easing back into the vehicle.
Connor pulled a lever on the side of the steering wheel, enhancing the view in front of them.
“There’s a dirt road up here on the left.”
“You sure this is a good idea?” Connor asked.
“You’ve got four-wheel drive, right?”
“We should be fine then,” Billy said.

And THAT as they say is JUST the Teaser.

Kevin Hopson, 
Master of the Serial Scare Fest is COMING.
Be prepared...if you dare!

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