Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Thursday, June 23, 2011


It is truly easy finding candidates for this first Mr.-Ms. Porcelain Monarch.

Before we begin with the parade of able contestants, let me first honor our inspiration, and author of THE ENCHANTED BATHROOM from the Muse It Hot side of Muse Publishing, Inc.

It is my sincerest hope, when the pageant concludes and we have a winner, Liam Stalls will step in and share the inspiration behind THE ENCHANTED BATHROOM.

Let's begin with the ALL-IN-ONE model. Who among us wouldn't want to be capable of taking care of without ever having to lift a leg?

This beauty gives us that and so much more. Please take note of the rich Corinthian leather...certainly an aroma that will mask anything foul by the sheer luxuriousness of its craftsmanship. What serious business person would not be enthralled by the full length backing making this a truly admirable addition to any business person's complex office?

Our next guy is for those among us who need humor before strain.

Isn't he amazing? Informally dubbed, the Throne Groan, his huge smile is bound to make that important surge for perfect releases genuine laughing matters.

All too often designer johns are fashioned for the eye of men.

We've all seen those of male receivers with murals or mannequins of adoring women looking down in abject desire...right?

But ladies, well for them not so much...

until now...

Meet MR. JOHN in sparkling flesh tones for the discerning woman. As you can see, he is most eager to please.

But not everyone seeking public approval of that moment find a can with comfort in mind.

Some can scare the stuffing right out of you, can't they? I don't know about you, but unless you're a closet masochist, I think I would pass this one by. Nature is painful enough!

For those that need to go on the run...

does this not meet that urge-to-purge moment?

Although this next one cannot, by the definition of this pageant be included as a contestant, still about now we could use something a teeny bit...

bizarre. Am I right? Can I just say ewww, here?

Exhibitionism, culinary uniqueness?

This is an actual restaurant. I think I'd have to pass.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes a good chill comes in handy?

They make ice bars, and ice sculptures, right, so why not an Ice John?

Ever wondered what a john in the future might look like?

Wonder no more. Anyone for mechanical touchy-feely?

You know how we have mascots for just about everything?

How's this? This gives a whole new meaning to "The john's running!"

The toilet that gives me the biggest set of heebie jeebies is one that I am sure has fangs.

Am I wrong?

The game Mousetrap first came out when I was a kid, but I never thought I'd see a toilet setup that sure looks like it was designed based on that game...

...and yet this one sure makes me think of that game...either that or it's a potty suck chute. If I were a guy I think I'd give this potty system a wide berth.

This next one is one I have shared on another posting, but since this IS a parade, it belongs here...

...where you can just about hear the boos.

Guys LOVE toys, don't they...and the next

two turbo-charged tanks show how

creative toilet designs in the hands of some minds can be.

Since this is my HORN TOOTING blog,

naturally I had to include this pic.

Still one of my all time favorites can be found in the

Vatican Wee Room.

And now as I wrap up this parade, I end it with an

appropriate can finalé.

Please take a few minutes and vote for your favorite Crowned Can.


Karen Cote said...

Umm, I'm speechless! Vote? Probably the All-in-one. At least now the visual of a certain someone who takes a notebook in the can has taken on more meaning and actually makes more sense given the benefits.

Lin...I think this one might need to garner some type of award or trophy. You're an absolute genius, you know that right? Love you!

Lin said...

I admit to having a strange sense of humor some times, and this is one of those times. I love you too, Angel Girl. Thank you for your comment, and I hope that certain someone enjoys this too. :)

lionmother said...

If anyone can do a post on this subject it is you!!! I had too many favorites to choose, but I have to admit I liked the all in one too. Think of all the work you could get done on there.:) I think I also liked Mr. John depending on his anatomical capabilities.LOL

Kat said...

I have to vote for the trumpet toilets. That is too hilarious.

Jim Hartley said...

Lots of marvelous choices, but I think my favorite is the "go on the run" ... the little cart with a "Maw Jones" on the back. Sort of the ultimate in Port-a-Potties.

J Q Rose said...

Amazing! Do you ever sleep? Who knew the variety of johns around the Internet. My neighbor three houses down has one in her front yard (where else) planted with annuals every year. Oh yes, we live in a very classy area! I vote for the john on the run, just because of your clever line with it--a whole new meaning to the john's running!!

Heather Haven said...

I'm voting for the 1st one. It looks quite comfy. Was there a tv anywhere?

Lisabet Sarai said...

Mr. John! No question! I've seen some of those other pics before. There seems to be a definite tendency, as you note, to focus on the needs and desires of the guys!

Great blog post, Lin!