Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Friday, July 1, 2011


It truly is a bizarre place here at My Tooting World where we can go from parading the magic of

Porcelain to recapping our crowned deities and adding more to the ever growing list, but that is part of what makes

Muse so special...we take note of all things moving this world we write about forward and give thanks for the many topics we can create our stories around.

For the recap portion, I must of course begin at the

top. Right now we have so many images for her, she's probably going to take up the majority of this posting before we move beyond the recapping here goes.

Our Illustrious Publisher

She's Greek, our Number One Goddess:

She's Lea Schizas: Goddess of Inspired Beginnings and Goddess of Butterfly Wings

With her partner Litsa Kamateros

Goddess of Messages and creative Logos she champions the education and assistance in furthering the education of our world about


We have at Muse an

incredible wing dedicated to the

Cover Art Talent;

Delilah K. Stephans leads this gifted group with her two

Goddess designations...the first one for the

Muse It Up wing and the second much more in showing the deepest

scope of Delilah's truer goddess power

for the Muse It Hot wing...I give you Delilah...

Claiming Second place, the Deputy of the Art Department is Suzannah Safi. Long may we at Muse Claim the honor of having her covers grace our books...Like Delilah she deserves TWO Goddess images...

the first for the amazing colors she bring to life...and second for

patience and grace no matter what.

Tiger Matthews...our very


Cover Art God. The Sci-fi realm is lucky to have Tiger's brilliant paws creating the strokes of cover art excellence.

Kaytalin Platt, our Goddess of the YA covers brings a playful joy to her place in our Muse lineup of deities.

I have not met our

Web Guru but I've benefited from the fruit of her gifts. Without her much of what Muse is would never make it through the busy communications lines of the ethers to reach our readers. She is not aware yet, she has been raised to the position of Musian Godhood, so join me in revealing Margaret Fisk the position of

Goddess of Muse's Lifeline.

Muse attracts Gods and Goddesses every day of every week. (Like draws like?)

She is the Head of The Review Submission Department. Her job requires she send out our new books to the world of reviewers out there. It's an important job, and she is proving this was a role she was deified to fill. I give you Kat Holmes, herself NOW the owner of TWO goddess designation.

Her first because of her growing in popularity Blog Talk Radio Shows (BTR) she has already earned The Goddess Of Passionate Speech,

But now as the HEAD of Muse Review Department, allow me to bestow upon her a Goddess designation that shows how cunning and smart she is too.

Join me in bestowing upon our precious Kat Holmes The Goddess of World Enlightenment.

It doesn't matter when the Powers That Be direct you to Mount Muse. You belong the moment you cross the lines.

She has brought an incredible magic to us with her indefatigable energy in promoting Muse.

Very early on she won the distinction of being Goddess of News but as with all of the Musian Pantheon, she quickly

burgeoned into more. Join me in bestowing her second goddess image for the work she does all over the web to spotlight the Muse shine world-wide.

Karen Coté our Goddess of World Shine.

She does not know this yet, because word has not yet least beyond me, But like Kat, Barbara Ehrentreu has opened the lines of her OWN BTR show for the advancement of all things Muse, so Barbara please know you have earned your place in the Muse Lineup of Gods and Goddesses...I bestow upon you the designation of

Goddess of Muse Words Spread Wide.

She has rocked among us from the beginning and is already our Queen of Humor, But Ginger Simpson is also our Goddess of Spirit Lifting. She dedicates herself to bring smiles to our lips, and joy to our writing souls. So please join me in bestowing upon our Queen,

Our Wonderwoman, the well earned title of

our Goddess of Spirit Lifting.

How long does it take to become a Muse deity? Well the simplest answer is, you were already a deity when you passed through the doors of the Muse Temple. It just takes a bit of time for me, the bestower of God-designations, to recognize just WHICH of the many designations available belong to you.

This next one is the Goddess of Rebirth and Growing Cheer. The rebirth part is her own, but in her rebirth and arrival here, she is spreading cheer quickly and comprehensively. 

Ms. Gail Branan please accept your goddess icon.

Our gods are fewer, true, but we do have them. He is our

Superman and weaver of images most grand. His efforts, like our Goddess of Spirit Lifting is a vital one.

Jim Hartley, you are now our OFFICIAL

God of Spirit Lifting,

long may your magic infuse us.

Enlightenment comes from many directions and Gods each have cornered their own elements of Universal Enlightenment to share with the rest of us. Cyrus Keith, the Muse Pantheon thanks you for stepping into the Temple Muse as our own

God of Enlightenment.

More will follow, I assure you as the Temple Muse grows. The Editing Gods and Goddesses are being praised elsewhere, but will one day also be brought here for the round-up of all members of the Muse Pantheon.

Finally...who am I?

I'm just the oracle one moment...

...and an itchy bear the next.

Muse Pantheon is here to stay.


lionmother said...

Lin, what can I say!!!! I'm overwhelmed and extremely honored to be part of this illustrious group. Thank you so much! You should definitely put yourself down as the Goddess of Blogging as I made you a Goddess too!!!

Lin said...

Thank you Sweetie, but it would be extremely arrogant for me bestow a goddess image upon me. I was and still am honored Jim made me an oracle.

And you earned your coronation.

Ginger Simpson said...

I'm so humbled to be in such great company. Thank you for the honor and I hope I live up to my title. :)

Hugz, are so much more than an oracle. *smile*

P.S. I do think it's time that our Ro receive her righful title for being a true spirit of support when we all need her. She always comes when we beckon.

Lin said...

Sweetheart I am not done. There are more coming. I have not found the right Goddess and/or God image yet for everyone. Kat says I am a perfectionist...which I am. I'll know the right image when I see it. Until then, I will not settle for less.

Cyrus Keith said...

Who am I to receive such a high honor? And yet how can I refuse it? Thank you, my friend *hugs*. Now I guess I better get back to the gym. I think I missed a few weeks since that shot was taken.

gail said...

You know I'm crying, right? LOVE!


Karen Cote said...

Lin, can you just see how you're touching people's hearts and lives? Evidently you are going for the gold. You know how precious you are to me. An invaluable friend and support. Not only do you make me feel good, you make those I love feel special too. Ro, Barbara and Gail, you do shine and Lin is a great platform to sparkle from.

Love you Lin.

gail said...

Thanks, Karen, you made me cry all over again! Got to stop looking at this Blog! And may I just say -- I am so honored to be included with such extraordinary and special people.


lionmother said...

As I read these beautiful words about this amazing group in which you have placed me I also have tears in my eyes for the ever giving spirit you have inside you, Lin. Karen, Ginger, Gail and Roseanne it is an honor to be in your company along with all of the Gods and Goddesses and of course our leader, Lea.

Emily Pikkasso said...

You guys are all amazing and Iam so honoured to be associated with the wonderful people at Muse. Lin you are a sweetie and you are a goddess, maybe Kat can do your goddess coronation if you are too modest.
Love you all
Nancy aka Emily