Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Alex Stone is a typical young girl. Chores are a bore, parents have too many eyes in the back of their heads, and some days they're more annoying than others. Today is one of those days, thanks to her dog, Butch...his middle name should be "Trouble" since he's always getting her into it.

Alex is this tight with her best friend Sarah, and despite the trouble they cause...confidentially, she often laughs at the antics of Butch and his best buddy, Pops, a genuine, scrambling all over the place, especially all over But's back, squirrel...she is content with her world.

English is her favorite class due to the imaginative presentations  her teacher puts on to draw them in.

Life, is fine, and  pretty much what she expects it to be...until...

Today Alex's world along with that of her friend and companions is about to skid sideways. All four are literally swirled and spun this way and that before being dropped, body and soul into something like the world from her class story. The real world is QUITE different.

Danger lurks around every dust mote and truth is something she quickly learns her parents have been a bit shy in delivering.

The TREES are calling HER Princess!

What do you do when you discover your mother is the Queen of this here Realm, and you are its unknowing, but oddly familiar Princess? And your life and the lives of your friends is in mortal danger, thanks to your scheming Uncle with the confidence building name, Dread?  Somehow Uncle D. managed to traverse the boundaries between their worlds and scoop you into the Rock Realm for bait to draw your mother here and destroy you both! Life can get complicated sometimes.

Rock of Realm is a delightful, fast paced tale you want to, really, really want to be naughty and read ahead, but because it's so good, you don't. You read on, eager for every juicy moment, catch-phrase and antic of Alex's journey,

This is a book released from the Muse It Young side of Muse It Up Publishing, and it is a fantastic story that will enchant the young, and like me, not so young. I happily joined Alex as she learned the true depths of friendship, loyalty, and bravery while also learning what you see and hear may not really be what you're seeing and hearing.

I recommend this book to one and all. I am also delighted to award it and its gifted author, FIVE BLAZING STARS,

Well Done Lea Schizas, and thank you Muse It Young for bringing this tale out for the rest of us to enjoy. Five Stars to you too.

Learn more about Rock of Realm on its Muse It Up BUY Page.


MuseItUp Publishing said...

Thank you, Lin. Thrilled that Alex's adventures kept you captivated. I had so much fun writing this story, and Pops and Jinx are like my inspiration for Bonella. LOL

Karen Cote said...

Lin, thank you so much for acknowledging this wonderful talent. I've already bought it and I can't wait to read it.

Thanks for the validation on my purchase. Having read Lea's books before, I already know the writing style will be delightful.