Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Sunday, May 13, 2012


I am not a big hero worshipper, but

Glenn Kleier is one man I actively, willingly, happily, and without qualms bow before and will always do so.

In days gone by, I suffered the horrible treatment needed to combat cancer. It was during those days filled with nausea, radiation blisters, and more hair coating my pillow each morning than clinging to my head I found Glenn Kleier, a writer with such a powerful voice, he turned my life around.

I went from dreading each day, to knowing I was meant to find Glenn's first book, facing forward on the entrance way shelves in my library. That book? The Last Day...a modern take on the path

Jeza, a female incarnation of the original Bearer of God's love, power, and compassion. It changed my life and gave me back my deep belief in God and my own role in His plan.

I sat eagerly waiting the next Glenn Kleier book and felt like I'd hit the lottery jackpot when

The Knowledge of Good and Evil released.

Today, Mother's Day, my idol let me know Knowledge is being released as an

audio of course I had to come in and brag about this man, this author, and now the voice who will take on the dynamic job of bringing to life the drama and inflections that exist within the pages of THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL.

Let's begin with the compilation of covers Glenn Kleier has amassed.

I am going to begin with the original The Knowledge of Good and Evil for the hard cover edition released last year...It's a powerful cover with a lot going on but so far in the distance I had trouble picking out any one event or action...Now here's the 2012 cover for this book and its mass media release...

Holy Moley...are you as breathlessly captivated by this cover as I am? I LOVE this story, but this cover zinged with me...and you want to know why?

Remember that cover that faced forward on the entrance shelves as I walked into my library back in 1999, when I first found Glenn Kleier's voice? That book is THE LAST DAY and here's the cover...

Power that jumps out and grabs you, right? And that's exactly what it did for me from the very beginning. The two covers, the new one for 2012's The Knowledge of Good and Evil, and the cover for Glenn Kleier's

Internationally acclaimed best selling The Last Day share the same ethereal punch...too powerful to resist. (I don't try, by the way.)

NOW I am going to copy and paste the information Glenn gave me concerning the audio actor who took on this monumental task, and did so quite successfully.

Let's start with the cover...the NEW audio book cover...

Here it is...The Tree of Knowledge and the two sides of Ian Baringer's journey. I am more than a little impressed.

For the next part I call upon the Mother's Day e-mail I received in Glenn's own resonating's SOME of what awaited me. But before I turn it over to Glenn's words, I want to take this moment and thank him for one of the best Mother's Day gifts I've ever gotten...and Glenn I will be one of the first in line when your next book appears on our horizons.

MacLeod Andrews
MacLeod is a man of many voices, one of few actors with the ability to tackle the dozens of characters and dialects KNOWLEDGE required. English, French, German, Italian, Irish, Polish, Cockney, Rastafarian, Asian, Indian, Brazilian, to mention only some—and not forgetting the characters of both God and Satan. His performance is amazing and I’m most grateful he took this project on. 
Audio editions are now available from the following sources:

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