Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Let me tell you a little about THIS Lin when she's decided she's had enough! And HOW
Tasmerelda finally became my inner warrior.
The year my marriage ended, I needed to get my children tested for learning disabilities so they could be placed in the appropriate school settings.
I started trying to reach the Superintendent of our school District in April. I'd begin calling his office at 9:00 in the morning. I was told he's wandering around the building and they could not get him via the PA system...(CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???)...or, and this was my favorite..."He's out to lunch."
I sent letters demanding a meeting...but heard nothing back. I sent REGISTERED letters requiring HIS signature ONLY...the signature cards came back, but no contact.
This went on until the middle of August. I read in the newspaper of an upcoming conference the Sup was going to have with all the principals for all the schools in out district prior to the beginning of the new school year. It gave time and place.
Now remember I was a size four, long haired blonde, with THIS little girl's voice.
I carefully dressed. slipping into one of my tightest pairs of jeans and a peasant blouse. On my feet I wore white heeled sandles...I drove to the admin building, parked, passed the security guy at the front of the building who was gawking at my tightly encased lower body and when I passed him my retreating ass.
I didn't stop. I KNEW where the conference room was. I walked down the hall, reached the door, turned the knob and pushed it inside, following right behind.
Mr. Almighty Superintendent had never actually met me, so he began blustering about my not being allowed there and I had to leave.
I walked...slithered, sauntered arrogantly right up to him, gave him this unimpressed once over look and climbed up onto the table plopping myself down face-to-face with him and said...loud enough for ALL the principals to hear, "Mr. Impossible to Reach Superintendent, I have been trying since April to get you to set up a meeting with me so I can get my children tested for learning disabilities. I call at nine o'clock in the morning and am told you're either wandering around the building or out to lunch. I have sent you registered letters, " I said reaching into my peasant top, letting him see my scarlet red bra lace, and pulled the signature cards out and held them out to him, "and here is my PROOF you have received them. Yet you still avoid contacting me and making a firm committment to meet with me.
"Well I'm not budging until you give me an before ALL your principals, and sir, if you give me an appointment and fail to keep it, my next stop will be the newspapers. So what'll it be?"
I GOT the appointment...he kept it, and quickly arranged the testing so my children entered the RIGHT programs in September.
That Lin does not come out often, but when she does, she...

The Inner Lin has returned!



J Q Rose said...

Aha when it comes to our kids we become grizzly bear Mamas. Good for you, Grrrrrrrlll.

Lin said...

How true, JQ. I earned QUITE a reputation with teachers, pricipals and others that stood in my children's way.

S. Durham Author said...

Wow, good on you Lin! This is not the first time I've heard that it is hard to get kids tested. I wonder why that is? Anyhow welcome back sister!

Hugs, Sara

Lin said...

Love You Too, Sara, and thank you. I learned you have to be a little She-Devil to get things done...especially with an arrogant Superintendent like the one I forced to deal with me.

And Darling, it's nice to be back.

Wendy said...

She devils are good! especially for writers.

Lin said...

And Tasmerelda knows how to stand up and make the world take count of her...Even after all these years, they still talk about my bursting in on that meeting.