Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Monday, September 24, 2012



Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. created by powerhouses

Lea Schizas and

Litsa Kamateros is about to bust out of its training pants and march into the world of the


I'm a mom and remember with nerve shattering clarity the almost immediate change that took place when my little ones went from the darling babies who

cooed and laughed, to the nasty tongued,

"NO!" spouting, argumentative terrors one minute after turning two.

Does that happen in the publishing world too?

As with any developing creation

growing pains are a big hump to climb over...and boy howdy has

Muse It up Publishing, Inc. GROWN.

In the past two years it has taken the largest number of

industry awards. It celebrated a rather impressive

meet-greet-and large scale book signing weekend in Montreal shortly after its FIRST OFFICIAL birthday.

Are you impressed?

TRUTH time...technically Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. already HAS celebrated it's

second birthday. Officially it opened for its authors to purchase like kids in their own candy shop back on September 10, 2010, but did not throw its doors open to the REST of the world until October 1, 2010.

I have the advantage of having started with Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. almost from the moment Lea and Litsa put forth their vision for the house Muse was to become. (I signed on with Muse on March 29, 2010, and my first book

released on December 1, 2010)

I've seen it develop from the ground floor and part of my development has been my discovery of the

Ladybug Lin part of my chaotic personality.

But I now turn this posting over to Ladybug Lin and her 100%, no matter what, truth.

MUSE IT UP PUBLISHING, INC. and it's terrible twos...


it is suffering growing pains. Sometimes we all forget it takes a lot to run a house growing as quickly and with the kind of recognition Muse has garnered. So there are problems.

I as an author have not always been happy with the changes growing so quickly has brought our way, but just as I had to invest in bigger drawers for my children when they moved into their twos, Muse is having to expand the constraints its growth is bulging against...and it is doing so.

Lea Schizas is

NOT an amateur who woke up one morning and said..."Gee I want to publish books." She knows the industry, but more importantly she

LOVES the industry.

Muse has grown phenomenally in a very short's suffering the terrible twos, but Lea and Litsa are going to lead Muse through the constraint breaking twos into the

giddy threes.

So I wish Muse It Up Publishing a Delightfully

Happy Birthday and know there are many great things coming our way to feast on.

You can be kept up-to-date by going to the Muse It Up FB page and LIKING it. You won't be disappointed.



J Q Rose said...

What a milestone to celebrate! Great job on your post, Lin!

Lin said...

Thank You JQ.

S. Durham Author said...

Happy Birthday Muse It Up! Lin great analogy with the terrible twos. If any two people can handle the growing pains, it's Lea and Litsa!


Lin said...

I totally agree with you S.Durham.

MuseItUp Publishing said...

Thank you, Lin. And yes, a business would not be a business if it didn't experience growing pains. If we didn't then it would mean we were stagnate. :)

Love the way you string the pictures with the posts. Thank you

Anonymous said...

As I said on FaceBook, Happy Birthday MuseItUp Publishing! I'm proud and grateful to be a part of this exciting venture. I hope to remain a part of MuseItUp for many years to come. And Lin, great blog! I enjoyed the photographs and your writing. You know how to tell a story!

(SS Hampton, Sr.)
"Better Than a Rabbit's Foot"

Lin said...

Thank you Stan, and I know you will be with us for a long time to come.

I started doing these blogs right after I got my first contract with Muse 3/29/10. I just share my vision of the truth.

Sara, you've been a part of Muse since the early days too. Like me you've noticed the Growing Pains, but also like me you know Muse WILL navigate beyond them.

Janet, I am thinking about doing another blog posting show just how much Muse has placed out there in these two years. Sometimes WE the authors, need to eb reminded just how much Lea and Litsa do behind the scenes we don't know anything about...because when we talk with them, they turn all that off and concentrate JUST on us and our issues.

Cheryl said...

Nice tribute!

Lin said...

Thanks Cheryl.

To Our Muse Editor...who IS Lea, when I was 18 I was Assistant Manager of production of a Textile Company...a small cog in a bigger fashion industry conglomerate. The business was established long before this very young 18 year old found her way into that managerial position, but it suffered growing pains to. The only way to avoid hurdles along the road is to turn your belly up and leave the road altogether.

Muse is having growing issues...but it will rise above these and be ready for the next hurdles along the road because you and Litsa will give your all to make us, your authors shine, and I, for one, intend to sparkle Muse-ificiously for a long time to come.