Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The POWER of my cover

In a few hours I will be breaking down my computer so I can send it out tomorrow along with the last of our things before Kat and I leave here forever on Thursday.

Kat installed my current book cover for my June release, Life's Journey, over on Twitter and I was just sitting here mesmerized by it, so decided my final posting before I go offline for, who knows how long, should be about my cover.

I am so in AWE of this cover done for me by Delilah K. Stephans.

Life's Journey is partially autobiographical. My main character is involved in a serious car accident. Eleven days after 9/11 I was involved in a serious car accident. Unlike my character, I did not have to face a leg amputation, but the rest my character confronts comes from my own story.

There are scientists who tell me finding one's self visiting with long dead relations is caused not by 

esoteric design, but by lack of oxygen to the brain. I could debate with them, but it doesn't matter which of us is right. I'm content believing as I do and have no need to try convincing anyone of the veracity of my claim.

I found a wealth of unconditional love and acceptance. If it's my brain responding to lack of oxygen, then I'll give up oxygen in a heartbeat anytime. I felt wrapped inside a sea of pure, compelling love. Does it hurt the naysayers for me to claim what I believe? 

You know I don't think so, so why are they so militant about attacking me and others like me simply because we believe we've experienced the touch of pure love?...

...who do we harm?

This cover reminds me of the wonders of the place I went to and the beauty I saw and felt there. If that's delusional, then I think I like delusional.

How about you? Is reality all it's cracked up to be?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Putting My Feet Up?

Y'all read my inner

Slug ranting, (she's delusional today, can you tell?) but what the little demon has not told you is I only have today, Sunday, tomorrow, Monday, the next day, Tuesday, and the following day, Wednesday to get everything done that needs to be done before the Airport Limo picks us up bright and early Thursday morning.

Admittedly, the place is looking...

spartan...when you compare it to how it looked just four months ago, but according to the check off list the complex gave me, I can pretty well kiss my

security deposit goodbye.

There's no way I can carry our big white leather couch out of here...and now that I went and had a bad coughing spell and cracked one rib, carting the bedding down to place beside the dumpster is another...


I have done an okay job with the plastic shelves we bought into over the years...and of course the minute I place them beside the dumpster and turn away to get the next set, someone comes along and carries the first set off. Don't know's not dark so I don't think it's the shelf-snatcher's

elves, but off they go.

The same happened with things like our stereos...those I think they were hovering around waiting for because I turned back when I got to my apartment door to look at the dumpster and they were already gone! We're talking

THREE minutes? Maybe!

According to the checklist,

I'm supposed to leave the apartment in the same condition we received it in. On July 15th, we would have celebrated our 22nd year here. There's been wear and tear. They offered us, I think three years ago, to replace the really worn and bedraggled wall-to-wall carpeting, but the chemicals used in today's synthetic carpeting triggers Kat's seizure...(we learned this when our doctor's office installed new carpet) of course we declined.

The refrigerator and

stove are the originals...and we don't really want to talk about them. If we'd stayed we would have been entitled to both of them being replaced. (I've never been able to use the right rear burner...but that's another story.)

So coming around now to

...My Slug wants me to kick back and get all jiggy-oozie with her, but I don't have any wayward elves willing to come in while we sleep or just laze and finish up what still needs to be done...Besides, what would I do with myself if I did?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sluggery Marches to My Moving Beat


slug lifts its head, looking this way and that. Moving, editing, reading, writing, shopping, mailing...what IS she thinking? She's going to give slugs a bad name if she doesn't stop, put her feet up and wallow in...well...sluggery.

"I am Lin's TRUE core...unfortunately I have a hard forcing our true purpose in life upon her. If she's not doing ten things at once, she starts to feel guilty.

I have tried, over the years to remind her she is entitled to...well...

sluggery. You'd think after having been know...

DEAD several times throughout her life...(dammit she drowned when she was four, for lassitude's sake...only to be resuscitated by the woman who literally swam into her bobbing body)...she'd take a break from acting like she's an

octopus with more arms than sense.

Packing for this move would be enough for most people to crash, weary and breathless,

to the closest chair, bed, or floor mat...but not my wayward Reluctant Slug. Nope, she packs, runs around taking things to the dumpster, cooking, editing her first full length novel

Echoes From The Past, preparing for the June release of her

Life's Journey, a sort of autobiographical tale, promoting her daughter's June release, Kat Holmes' debut of her Hekate's Web Vampire series

Hidden about some really powerful vampires caught in the Web of the

Goddess Hekate...and well I guess I should say...Oh My Goddess...Hekate...that woman is wicked in her plots and plans...She REALLY gives sluggery a bad name...Think that's where Lin learned it? Nah, she's been this way since long before Kat wrote Hidden.

Add to this monumentally NON-slug-like behavior, she's ALSO posting so many Ladybug Lin reviews of the books she crams INTO all of this I'M exhausted watching her!

For me, Lin's inner slug,

it's frustrating getting her to set a spell and let the world drift by a bit. It is like beating my slime against a

rain filled gully, it just washes I'm looking for

suggestions...short of 

her to the white leather recliner that doesn't get anywhere NEAR the use it should...

How do I get Lin to embrace sluggery when all she chants is this?..."OMG there's only four more packing days before the move and I still have so much to do!"

Your suggestions and comments will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Kindly,

Lin's Slug.

Monday, May 21, 2012

50 Years of Spectacular. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CYRUS KEITH



That is what we elebrate today.

Cyrus Keith

Our Birthday Boy

Come Forward and accept your well deserved accolades.


21, 2012 we honor FIFTY Years of you creating the magic that those of us lucky enough to bask in your afterglow get to share.

To that end...

You could try denial, but you're above this...


We all know you're an

EPIC writer...

One we celebrate with joy and pride! Pass the...


You enter this birthday a genuine


Ready to burn and sizzle up the next decade before you.

But Cyrus...this is how we want to close this dedicated celebration to you on this very special day...

From Us...