Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Mama Wolf Howling For The Kids

Friday, May 3, 2013


...goosebumps in the making!

When I first learned the title of Glenn Kleier's second epic book,

The Knowledge of Good & Evil I spent a great deal of time speculating about the content...Boy HOWDY was I wrong!

I think I've always known the Vatican is run pretty much like the seat of a major government or an undeclared aristocracy. I remember as a child wondering about this ritual of "kissing" the Pope's ring...because it just reminded me of the many

Henry the 8th types who believed they were the sitting presence of God on earth so you had to kiss THEIR rings.

I found it really curious why a country that consistently claims to be neutral, sends its military to

guard the head of a religious hierarchy. What's that all about? Unless my memory fails me, Jesus didn't have shatterproof glass surrounding him when he walked among the people, nor did he have an army from a neutral country.

But I digress. I have read and re-read Glenn Kleier's first epic Best Seller,

THE LAST DAY and found myself drawn to the telling voice of this gifted when I got my hands on

THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD & EVIL I eagerly shut off my phone, turned off my computer, and told my daughter and cats I was on vacation.

Many of us ponder the truth about life, and what secrets are kept from us...for reasons good and maybe not so good. As someone who has studied history I know the beginnings of faith have not always shown the leaders to be strict adherents to the Ten Commandments at the very least.

In this book you have a young man, no longer a priest for his own reasons, hungering to connect with his long dead parents, and learning of a secret that might open the pathways certain factions have no intentions of letting anyone become privy to.

What will fanatics do to protect what they perceive as a danger to an ideal?

Glenn Kleier gives us a book filled with theocracy at its most suspenseful.

Therefore if you have not found your way to this brilliant author's tales, there's no time like the present.

The Knowledge of Good & Evil is available where fine books are sold in all manner of release.

Scurry to your nearest outlet, pick up your copy and immerse yourself in some of the richest suspense I have ever read...As for me, I am keeping my eyes peeled for the next Glenn Kleier book...If I pray real hard, think we can make it soon?

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Glenn Kleier said...

It's awkward for someone whose occupation is writing to be at a loss for words, but I am. Lin, your blog is way too kind and generous. I thank you for your gracious remarks, I'm so pleased you enjoy my work. As a writer yourself, you know how meaningful that is. My admiration and affection right back to you, my friend.